Denver Milk Market, Morning Jones

A few weeks ago, denv.her. attended our second pop-up for the Denver Milk Market (opening next weekend on June 1st)! This pop-up featured a yoga class and breakfast offerings from Morning Jones.


Morning Jones will be the signature coffee shop inside Denver Milk Market where you can get your caffeine fix as well as your pick of pastries, cookies, danishes, breads and muffins. #caffeinequeen #carbqueen


This pop-up was held at the Maven Hotel which my sister and I had never been inside before (this hotel is definitely worth a stop if you have never been). The Maven's lobby is a collaborative workspace where you can grab a a bite to eat & admire the hotel's out-of-the-box décor. The Maven is located right across the alley from where Denver Milk Market will be opening.

Once we arrived at the Maven Hotel, we were ushered into a Core Power yoga class that was held in one of the hotel's urban ballrooms. Denver Milk Market is partnering with CPY and featuring regular yoga classes that will be held outside in the Denver Milk Market alley. 


There's no better way to start your day than with a morning yoga class and some Morning Jones (or so Treslyn says about the morning yoga part lol - without my sister's joyous ambition in the AM, I would not have gotten out of bed...BUT it was worth it, so I'll keep the complaining to a minimum).


The class was led by CPY instructor Trevor from the Grant Street, CPY location.

Trevor led us through a challenging flow featuring the signature CPY core section #namaslaythoseabs - from warrior two to crescent lunges to a series of crunches, bicycles, and many more, Trevor had us working up a sweat.


& can we talk how much of a bad a$$ my sister is?!


Those muscles and that crow pose? We see you Treslyn, we see you. #bossbetchhh

After the CPY class, we were treated to nitro iced lattes and Frank’s coffee cake #thiscoffeecake #todiefor #ihadtwoandahalfpieces #noshameinmygame.

The Nitro Latte packed a hell of a caffeine kick which was much appreciated & we can’t wait to try other Nitro offerings Morning Jones will have available. The coffee cake Morning Jones bakes was inspired from Mueller’s Bakery in New Jersey. As you can guess from my #fatch hashtags above, I could not get enough - the coffee cake was soft & moist (yes, I hate that word too, but like, what else can describe that lol?) & the top was covered to perfection in frosted sugary crunchy crumbly crumbles (try saying that one five times fast). If you have to eat more than one piece of this cake, God knows I'll be right there with ya.



Morning Jones will be one of the shops in Denver Milk Market to have an ordering window (a walk-thru if you will) accessible from the alley outside. So if you're walking to work downtown, you can v easily jaunt up to this window and get your Morning Jones fix (make sure to get me a piece of coffee cake while you're at it).

The Denver Milk Market opens June 1st. So soonies, so soonies!

We are so excited for this new Frank Bonnano addition to Denver - make sure you check out our Lou’s Hot & Naked post for another preview of what you can expect from Denver Milk Market. See you there!