Denver Milk Market, Lou's Hot & Naked

Guess what denv.her. babes? We have the deets on the newest (and to be, one of the hottest) food destinations in Denver! 

Frank Bonanno is the mastermind behind this up and coming hot spot - please welcome the Denver Milk Market

If you haven’t heard of Frank Bonanno before, you are in for a treat. He is the Denver restaurant sensation behind numerous phenomenal restaurants including Bones, Luca, and Mizuna (to name a few). He has been on the Denver scene since 2001 and is one of the most successful restauranteurs in the town. 

Hey Frank, hey!

The Milk Market will showcase a variety of Frank Bonanno eateries that will feature delicious food choices all with Frank's unique culinary twists.

Now this market is just not a place to eat - Fresh Frank Bonanno inspired ingredients will also be available to purchase (just like ingredients would be available in a true market). This means you can go to the Milk Market, grab lunch and a cocktail, while also grocery shopping to make an indulgent dinner later in the evening. 

Did I just say grab a cocktail while grocery shopping?! 

That I did. #gamechanger. 

The Milk Market will feature a bar where you can grab your favorite drinks while enjoying the Milk Market's shopping and food options. This bar was designed so that people can flow in and out of the area v easily - this allows the shopper to leisurely booze while browsing through the market #yesplease. 

The Denver Milk Market has been having preview pop-ups all over Denver & we were lucky enough to be invited! The first pop up we attended was for Lou's Hot & Naked chicken at Vesper Lounge. & if there's one thing I like hot & naked - it's this chicken. You may recognize the name Lou’s from Frank Bonanno’s past hot spot, Lou’s Food Bar. You will now be able to get his Nashville style Hot Chicken and sides at Denver Milk Market!


Frank Bonanno presented this meal to us in all it's piping hot glory. 

(we did our best not to fan-girl when we met him, we love his restaurants!!)


This was our first time trying Lou’s Hot Chicken and you guys, this fried chicken in unlike any I've ever had...

& I can't wait to get my hangry little hands on more!!

Topped with pickles (I love me some pickles), Lou's specialty hot sauce, and served atop Texas Toast, this chicken was ready to eat!

The outside of Lou's chicken is crisp and warm - THEN, you get to the juicy fresh, piping hot inside and the perfection continues. 


Fried chicken can be tricky as when the outside is at the perfect crispness, the inside can get dry. This is NOT the case with Lou's.

Every bite of Lou's Hot Chicken was crunchy with the skin, & juicy on the inside. Each bite left us wanting more! The pickles were also great compliment to the spicy sauce of the Hot Chicken's fried skin. The pickles added some sweetness in!


Served on the side was Mac-N-Cheese (omFg this mac-n-cheese you guys), texas toast, and a fantastic cream corn (which I had never had before and now I am  long as it's from Lou's!) .

These southern staples were great sides to go with the Hot Chicken and we loved all three. I even added pickles to some of my Mac-N-Cheese for a twist which was #soooogood. I also just really like pickles and Mac-N-Cheese so I was one happy girl lol.


At Lou's Hot & Naked, their specialty cocktail to pair with your meal is the Nitro Bourbon Cider and or, their bourbon on tap.

Beverage Director Adam Hodak previewed Lou's Nitro Bourbon Cider and we got to try it out.


The Nitro Bourbon Cider is a specialty beverage that combines pure apple juice, bourbon, and malic acid.

My sister and I aren't huge brown liquor fans so we were a bit wary of the drink at first but the Nitro Bourbon Cider was quite good - & it paired wonderfully with the Hot Chicken! The apple juice in the cider provided a smooth and refreshing taste to combat the kick of the hot sauce on the chicken!


Now that we got you all excited, the Denver Milk Market will be opening June 1st! & if you're going to Lou's - take us with ya!

Stay tuned to see our second experience at another Denver Milk Market pop up, happening this weekend #whoopwhooop! 

Denver Milk Market

1800 Wazee St suite 100, Denver, CO 80202