Betrayal, Part I

We've all seen it happen. Quietly prayed that it would never happen to us. Revered our friendships, thinking it could never happen to us.

Until one day, 


There's your best f*cking friend in the whole entire world...


Excuse me while I choke back some vomit. 

& for God's sake someone grab the cameras because this is some romcom shit none of us EVER signed up for... & nobody even likes romcoms.

If you've been following these #ventsesh's , you'll know that the best friend & ex scenario happened to me back in the day when I had just started college at CSU. 

My ex (let's call him Tom) and my best friend (which, 1 - let's not even give her a name because she doesn't deserve it, & 2 - she's totally irrelevant except for the sake of this story) both went to CU. 

PS beware the college splits - it won't matter how much you visit. 

One night, my:

,texts me the following: "I need to talk to you. Something happened." 

Ugh, like oh God, obvi it's something bad (I just never could have guessed how bad). 

So I go to my dorm's common area  (which luckily was empty, it being v late on a school night) to give my "bestie" a call. I call and I was greeted by a nervous wreck. My best friend was stumbling all over her words like a jack ass and after about 30 painful seconds of inaudible mumbles, the girl was finally was able to muster up a whisper:

"Tom and I kissed last just happened". 





I start SCUH-REEEEAAMINGGGGG at this girl. 


Full. Blown. GUTTURAL. Screaming.

Screaming that I never knew could come out of my body, screaming. 

& through this guttural tirade, I was in tandem, bawling and seizing a bit (don't say your girl can't multi-task). After some choice words on my end, #explicitexplicitexplicit gasp #explicitexplicitexplicit, and one blaring "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!?" - it's safe to say this girl and I were no longer friends. 

This girl then proceeds to go around telling mutual friends of ours that I was vicious, blah, blah, blah and I'm over here like:

Dude you were my best friend and hooked up with what I thought was the love of my life (who I literally visited two weeks prior). Did you really expect well wishes and a butterfly send off? No. I'm going to stamp my feet, call you ugly, and you deserve every damn word.

To add insult to injury, I found out that when my "best friend" so graciously called me to tell me that her and Tom had "kissed", they actually had already slept together. #ofcourse

OH, AAAAAND, this sneaky b*tch was WITH Tom in his dorm room (with him comforting her) WHEN she called me.

Lol, like???? 


Tom and this girl ended up dating for a couple of months and then broke up before the end of Freshman year #wowshocker.

One of their main points of contention while together? ME. #gottalovekarma.

The girl and I tried to establish some type of friendship after all of this went down and it just wasn't possible. I could never look at her the same and I certainly could never trust her again. She had branded herself a liar and a horrendous friend with the ultimate girl-code betrayal. I could forgive, but unfortunately for her, I wasn't going to forget.


So what does this past scenario have to do with today? Plenty! Let's explore.

Meeting new people is always interesting. It's honestly like an interview.

What's your name? Where do you live? Do we have the same interests? Do you have a dog? Can I pet your dog? Are you chill? Are you a psychopath? 

Who knows - & let's find out!

One of the ways I analyze new people right off the bat? 

How they treat their friends.

To Be Continued.