Chapter 8, Who Are You?

Picking up where we left off -

I dropped the bomb that Dudley had been scheming behind Sharpe's back with Mary for the past year.

Sharpe becomes enraged once I tell her this and decides to throw Dudley under the bus (#whatareloyalty) on her end too:












you’re dumb AF - but we already concretely knew that second part lol.

All of the girls I've written about on denv.her. are volatile AF - meaning if any of them had legitimate dirt on me, they would have used it 10 times over already. Dudley should have known this seeing he’s been friends with (and or hooked up with) these girls in the past.

The only "dirt" Dudley was able to conjure up was the tea I voluntarily spilt in the #ventsesh - Glass Houses.

Clara was the only one who had "dirt" to offer up when Dudley so petulantly reached out. You guys know who surprisingly shot Dudley down on the brunch request? Gertrude. But at the same time, she had no information to forfeit so not totally shocking - any semi-intelligent human would bow out and try to look like an adult in that position.

So my bomb is dropped on Sharpe. Sharpe's bomb is dropped on me.

Sharpe goes and confronts Dudley about Mary & these two bozos leave the concert to go yell at each other #fun. During this confrontation, Sharpe let Dudley know I was now aware of him reaching out to the girls who hate me for dirt & mimosas. Dud was freaked that I knew & asked how I found out - she let him know she told

Just a sloppy couple dogging each other left and right.

#hereadog #thereadog #everywhereadog #dog

Dud & Sharpe came back to the concert about an hour later - & Dudley was freaking onnnnn one.

Dud stormed over to me all heated.

"I'm glad you told Sharpe about Mary. I’M GLAD. I'M GLAD YOU TOLD HER.


Dud’s vitriol here was apparent - he was “glad” because he thought he had the Glass Houses dirt he could turn around and use on me later. He thought he could get me back. #trytryagainmoron

I decided to bring up Dudley reaching out to the girls who hate me:

"That was REALLLLY weird of you to reach out to all of them. Seriously - who has time to do that? And then to ask them all to brunch?? You should get a hobby."

"Ya. I probably should."

Lol! At least there was something we could agree on.

Dud then steered the conversation back to me writing about Faye on the blog in the first place.

"I told you not to write about us. We pride ourselves as a group on keeping our drama private."


It was V, V….. V hard not to laugh at this statement. Because in all seriousness Dudley, who do you think you are???

I'm actually & legitimately super duper curious about this question lol.

Like in the business or the social world - who are you? What substantial thing have you done in either that would make you proud that you keep your drama private??? Because I’m coming up with nothing.

Feel free to answer in the comments below because I’m dying for an answer…as are your 900 IG followers because you’re SOOOO popular lol.

Dudley continues:

"You know what sucks?? Now all of our memories together are tainted.

All the trips you, Ross, Sharpe and I took together - those memories are tainted."

Boo hiss Dud.

It might be shocking but I look back at the memories with Dudley and Sharpe fondly. They were solid party friends and we had some really groovy times together (yes I just used the word groovy, no I don’t know why lol). However, I also look back at these memories with humor because I was oblivious to the extent of stupidity that was lying underneath the surface with these two party friends.

Lesson learned?

Imbecile is hard to decipher when you’re personally drunk on “vodka, vodka, vodka” & acting a fool yourself.

& Rule of Thumb garnered: Hang out with people sober. Find out who they really are before investing in them as friends.

I bounced out of this concert without saying bye to Dudley or Sharpe - I wanted to get home to Ross, who was working..……does that word ring a bell for you Dud? (I know it’s a foreign concept and all)

Let's sound it out together!




Consider yourself - #insulted - Dud.

To Be Continued

(in like a couple short days….because v little writing and a whole freaking lot of screenshots).