STK, Friends With Benefits

denv.her. was invited to STK's - Friends With Benefits - (#ohhunnay) dinner & the girls and I couldn't wait to get our steak on & groove to some tunes while enjoying the contagiously fun vibes of one of our fav restaurants!



We began our meal with STK's signature sourdough bread with green dipping sauce. Hot and crisp on the outside - soft and fluffy on the inside - and seasoned with butter! STK’s bread is always a solid start to what will be a great meal.


For appetizers, we had Arugala Salads and the Whipped Ricotta.

The Arugla Salad is made with pickled red onion, candied ginger, candy-striped beets and sweet pea green goddess greens.


The arugula had the fresh herbaceous, peppery flavor it's supposed to and paired well with the other veggies STK mixed in - this is a light salad.

The Whipped Ricotta was served with heirloom tomato jam, tuscan olive oil, and sourdough bread.


Now folks, let me tell you about this Whipped Ricotta - tastebuds rejoice!

STK’s Ricotta is luxuriously creamy and spread oh so easily on the lightly toasted sourdough bread it was served with. The Ricotta had the perfect sweet flavor and soft texture you want in a Ricotta spread and we inhaled this appetizer. This is a seasonal dish for STK so legit go run and get it now - it's sinfully delicious!

For our entrees, we were treated to STK's 18oz Kansas City Strips and Seared Halibut.

STK's 18oz Kansas City Strips NEVER disappoint - really you can't go wrong with any cut of meat STK has to offer - they know their meats and they know their #stks.


The Kansas City Strips were juicy, flavorful & cooked to medium rare perfection. They were served with sauces for dipping so you can get some different flavor notes on your meat while you enjoy.

The Seared Halibut is served on potato puree, tomato jam, arugula pesto and garlic crisps then topped with micro onions.


The Seared Halibut came out golden brown and was a nice tender filet - this is a classic flavored dish with rich texture.

For sides, we had the Creamy Yukon Potatoes, Sweet Corn Pudding and Asparagus.

STK's Creamy Yukon Potatoes always have a strong consistency and are velvety goodness.




This side stood out as the star and was SOOOOO freaking delish!



It was our first time having the corn as a side and we can't believe we had never had it before!

The Sweet Corn Pudding (as the name suggests) was sweet, buttery and piping hot - the ultimate comfort food. Do not leave STK without having the Sweet Corn Pudding as one of your sides - it's unreal!

The asparagus was light and drizzled in oil with crisps on top - a good contrast to the heaviness of the potatoes and corn.


Big thanks to STK for another fabulous dining experience!

Service was amazing as always - we can't wait to see you all again soon! & thanks for always being our #friendwithbenefits


STK - Sleek, clubby link in a national chain serving modern chophouse eats & drinks with a side of scene.

  • Address: 1550 Market St, Denver, CO 80202

  • Phone: (720) 597-8010