In crust we trust!

denv.her. and friends were invited in to DC Pie (#DCP) this weekend and we were so excited to try out this authentic pizzeria!

DCP boasts an open kitchen model where you get to watch your za get hand tossed and fired up. All of DCP's pizzas are hand tossed and then baked to perfection in their rotating brick oven that they had specially imported for the restaurant - you cannot find a brick oven like this anywhere else in Denver. The open fire burning in the oven really adds to the beautiful, cozy exposed brick atmosphere that is DCP.


Whenever we have meals for the blog, we LOVE a knowledgeable staff who can drive our orders with customer and staff favorites - General Manager Kat and Waitress Fatemah helped us do just that. The staff of DCP shined with their friendly hospitality and overall good vibes throughout our entire meal.

There are also iPads at each DCP table which makes ordering really easy while still having the wait staff look after you.  


For DCP cocktails, we started with the Back to the Beach, Mountain Mule, Signing Out and The Market.

The Back to the Beach is made with Spring 44 vodka, pineapple, guavo, and allspice. This cocktail was tropical goodness and I loved the foam on the top. The Mountain Mule is made with celery+cucumber tito's vodka, lime and ginger beer. The Mountain Mule was my favorite! So refreshing and such a smooth drink. The Signing Out is made with fireside peach bourbob, lemon, and peach bitters. The fireside peach and lemon were a great combo of spicy and fruitiness. The Market is made with Breckenridge gin, berries, and sage. The Market is a beautiful pink and has a lovely fruity taste to match.

All four of these cocktails were pleasantly surprising as all of four of us liked each and every one and would order all of them again. Strong start to our meal with these specialty cocktails!


Then came a plethora of starters & we couldn't wait to dig in. This included baked 100% beef meatballs with ricotta, baked pepperoni chips, the kale ceasar, the baked artichoke with marinara, and the baked wings with sweet hot sauce and drizzled with bleu cheese

The baked 100% beef meatballs with ricotta? #drool. The meat was perfect, the ricotta was perfect & this homemade sauce is sinful (save the leftover sauce from this app to dip your pizza crust in when it comes out!).


For the baked pepperoni chips and kale ceasar salad - Fatemah recommended we use the pep chips to scoop up and eat the ceasar salad. Genius and a must get! The kale ceasar took us by surprise and is one of DCP's most popular dishes for a reason - the creaminess of the ceasar dressing was amazing with the saltiness of the cheese and slight earthy bitterness of the kale. Pair that with a meaty pepperoni chip and delizioso!


The baked artichoke with marinara was good and once again, DCP's homemade marinara sauce was really shining through. #bigsaucegirl


The baked wings with sweet hot sauce and drizzled with bleu cheese

- let's take a moment of silence for how quickly these bad boys were devoured lol -

Literally between the four of us, we INHALED these wings. I like my wings crispy on the outside and hot and juicy on the inside - DCP has this down pat with their plump sauced & smoky wings. Y-U-M YUM. 


For our pizza, we left it up to Kat and she brought us a pie with Italian sausage, portobello mushrooms, red bell peppers, shallots, and garlic.

DCP's high quality ingredients really shone through in our pie! The thin crispy, perfectly charred pizza crust complimented all of our za's toppings V well. & normally I’m not a even a huge thin crust fan but this pizza was SO tasty you guys - DCP knows what they’re doing.


Huge thank you to DC Pie, Kat, Fatemah, and bartenders for hosting us!!

We will be back soon and see you there Denverites - time to get down on some more authentic fresh slices of za!


  • Address: 2223 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206

  • Phone: (303) 537-4240