Drybar - Park Meadows

No Cuts. No Color. Just Blowouts - beautiful & stunning blowouts!

denv.her was invited to the grand opening of Drybar in Park Meadows and we couldn’t wait to get our hair all dolled up for a night out on the town. This is the second Drybar location in Colorado & you can find the first in Cherry Creek.


Drybar is the perfect salon to go and get pampered at prior to all those Christmas and NYE parties coming up this month. Drybar is also the perfect spot to go for a styling before work as it opens at 7am. All my business babes out there, that 7am opening is phenomenal to get your hair done before taking on your day full of business meetings!

Drybar offers beverages to sip on while getting your blowout. Coffee, champs, wine, you name it - be prepared to be taken care of!

Drybar’s decor and ambiance is very appealing with a southern feel. Most of the decor is a pristine white while pops of yellow are sprinkled throughout the salon. My favorite unique touch in the salon is a hairdryer light fixture located in the entryway (so stylish - in several senses!).


All Drybar blowouts cost $45. You can add a Floater (10 minute scalp massage) or a Bay Breeze Shot (hydrating treatment) for $10-20. 

If you really love your experience at Drybar, you can become a Barfly & get a Drybar membership. This membership is $80 per month and includes two blowouts per month ($5 off the regular price), a free birthday blowout, and 10% off all purchases!


 You can also book Drybar stylists for on-site events, weddings, or private events in store.

Once our hair stylists got us settled in our chairs, we then got to select which blowout we wanted to try. All Drybar’s blowout styles are named after drinks such as the Cosmo, the Mai-Tai, the Manhattan, and more! This clever branding translates over to their products and we’re obsessed with their marketing.


Once we selected our blowouts, Treslyn with the Cosmo and myself with the Mai-Tai, our stylists took us to the hair washing station.


Our stylists washed our hair with the On the Rocks Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo & Conditioner duo. This Drybar shampoo and conditioning combo rid the hair of impurities while retaining moisture. After a nice scalp massage, shampooing, and condition, we headed back to our styling chairs.

Before starting on our blowouts, each of our stylists applied 100 Proof Treatment Oil to our hair. This oil helps repair dry and damaged hair, eliminates frizz and flyaways, and creates a lustrous shine. Living in Colorado, our hair is always DRY, so this treatment oil is a life saver! Our stylists also applied Drybar’s heat and UV protectant, Hot Toddy, and this treatment protects the hair from heat damage while being styled.

Drybar’s stylists are hair artists – the way each artist can work through a clients’ hair with Drybar’s signature yellow blow dryer, playfully named the Buttercup, and their Pint Round Ceramic Brushes . The Buttercup dries the hair in 20% less time than your average hairdryer so this tool can get your hair dry in no time!

Each stylist only using the Buttercup and a brush to dry and initially shape the hair really shows each of their styling expertise. The only thing I can do with my hairdryer at home is dry my hair, so seeing each stylist curl and form the hair with simply two tools to begin the blowouts was really impressive! 

For Treslyn's Cosmo style, the stylist used Drybar’s High Tops Self Grip Rollers for volume at the top of her hair and the 3-Day Bender Digital Curling Iron for loose curls at the bottom. Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse is used for styling the Cosmo and the Sheriff Medium Hold Hairspray is used to hold the curls. Treslyn is obsessed with this hairspray. It’s super lightweight but still holds the curls so your hair remains styled & soft without being crunchy! Drybar offers bundles of their products to obtain each of their blowout styles if you want to get this look at home! Shop The Cosmo Bundle here!

For my Mai Tai blowout, my stylist used the 3-Day Bender Digital Curling Iron and Mai Thai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray for tousled and textured hair. A tip for ladies with clip in extensions - I brought mine with me to Drybar and the stylist put them in and styled them at no extra cost! Shop The Mai Tai Bundle here!

All of Drybar's products are available for purchase in store as well so you can take home your favorites after your blowout.


While we were getting our hair done, we were able to watch Christmas movies on Drybar’s TV’s that are built into the walls in front of the styling stations. It’s super nice to have something to watch while getting your hair done instead of just staring at yourself in a mirror (I look like a wet dog after my hair gets washed so I was thrilled to not have to look at myself while getting styled haha!).  


Once we were styled to perfection, your stylist turns you around to large boutique mirrors where you can take in your full blowout and request any changes if needed! Both Treslyn and I were V happy with our blowouts and didn't need anything adjusted. 


Our stylists did an amazing job & we cannot wait to go back again soon!

Schedule your blowout with Drybar today! Don’t forget to tell them that denv.her. sent you!