Century Communities

Oh boy oh boy readers. This post has been a LONG time in the making. With 98.7K views in less than a year, I think it’s time to blast the most incompetent Real Estate company in the Denver area.

Century Communities, we’re looking right at YOU.

More like Century CONmunities after what my husband and I have experienced in the construction of our home

My husband and I closed on our first home at the end last year. It’s a beautiful townhouse but is regretfully in a Century Communities development. Advice when purchasing a new build? Dive deep into the reviews of the real estate company constructing the house. If Ross and I would have really done some research, we would have avidly avoided purchasing from Century.

While our house was going up, we didn’t monitor construction closely. We didn’t feel like we had to. Should you have to monitor the construction of a new build? No. You’re purchasing a product that should be completed the way you designed it. The real estate company should be V aware of what you purchased and should ensure that the cabinets, railings, granite, etc. are installed properly and that all these materials are the correct grade and color. That is unless the real estate company is Century Communities.

We arrived for the first walk through of our house & expected everything to go smoothly (it did not go smoothly lol). My parents came along as well because we wanted them to see the almost finished product of our home (which turned out to be a not so finished product).

As we walked into our townhouse, the entrance looked great - so far so good. Then we entered the kitchen - AKA disaster zone number one. More than half of the cabinet doors were totally warped, sticking out from their hinges, and couldn't even close.

Awesome lol. I love when cabinets can't close. #seethingsarcasm

Now my question here, how on earth did Century think this would fly?? Are there people who like their cabinets open 24/7? That would be an odd requirement for a home… AND that would kind of defeat the purpose of cabinets. Like if you wanted open cabinets, wouldn’t you just have open concept kitchen shelves?

Any who, all four of us, my parents, myself, and Ross started pointing out all the glaring cabinet issues to the “Senior” Construction Manager (let’s call him Bob Brown for anonymity).

Bob Brown was responsible for the overall construction of our home and running the walk throughs. Bob arrived at our house with an attitude from the get go (probably because he knew all hell was about to rain down on him due to all the mistakes, he and his inept team had made). When the four of us started pointing out all the cabinet doors that needed to be replaced, Bob had the audacity to raise his voice to us:

“If you all can’t talk ONE at a time we’re going to do this a DIFFERENT day.”

Oh Bob, Bob, Bob.

Problem 1) raising your voice to the customer who has paid a huge amount of money for a home.


Whew sorry for all caps there. Bob gets me V worked up. Nothing grinds my gears more than someone who can’t take responsibility for their own actions.

If I would have been in Bob’s shoes, I would have come to this walk through, tail between my legs & fervently (but confidently) apologizing for all the mistakes my team and I had made. When I say confidently apologize, I mean apologizing before the customer even has a chance to get to the punch.

I would have walked in and said: “Mr. & Mrs. Hardin, there are several issues I have noticed in the house. Those issues being A, B, C, D, …. X, Y, Z (and the million others). These are our mistakes and we will ensure we get everything fixed and or replaced as quickly as possible. I sincerely apologize for these huge inconveniences. Please know we will work diligently to fix everything; you have my word.”


You ACKNOWLEDGE your mistakes and PROMISE to make things right. That is the makings of a great business person – too bad Bob is far from this.

So, Bob insists that only one of us speak while we walk through the house (this made for an awful lot of talking for Ross).

Things that needed to be fixed and or totally replaced? Cabinets, the entire island slab of granite in the kitchen, pieces of wood flooring, pieces of tile flooring, the shutters, the downstairs windows that didn't lock, rod iron pieces of the staircase, the screen door upstairs, & the list goes on and on.

Guys, our entire office that was supposed to be on the second-floor story landing was completely missing. MISSING!! Like how the F**K do you forget an entire office?! 

Finished office for reference below:


So when we did the first walk through, the office above was not there. It was just carpet.

We had to move in without the office completed and it took Century about a month after we had moved in to get the office finished. While they were installing the office, they scuffed & ruined the entire stairway hand-railing on the second flight of stairs, thus having to replace that as well. This tacked on an additional two weeks of construction while we were living in our home. During these construction days, Ross was forced to work remotely.

Bob was riddled with excuses through this entire process - “Oh the weather was bad.” “Oh I had pneumonia.” “Oh I’m overworked.” “Oh I didn’t get any sleep last night.” “Oh my team didn’t show up.” “Oh my team didn’t do this.” “Oh my team didn’t do that.” “Oh this is my team’s fault.”


& guess what Bob?! The customer doesn't care about your excuses. I don't care about your excuses. This is YOUR job! & I’m sorry, but if you can’t do your job well, you probably shouldn’t have one. You’re a “Senior” Construction Manager! For God's sake act like one! I don’t care WHY you did your job poorly. The point is that you did your job poorly & now, my husband and I have to spearhead the resolution to all the problems you have made in our home. You have zero accountability for you or your team’s incompetence and I have zero respect for you, your team, or your sad excuse of a company.

The excuses Bob posed that really bothered me? The ones about his team.

Being in management, I find it fit to protect my team as they are a direct reflection of me as a manager. All Bob did was point fingers at his own employees in an effort to protect himself. Newsflash Bob, if you team is doing a bad job, YOU’RE DOING A BAD JOB.

After the first walk through was over, Ross called one of the Century execs and let them have it. 

Soon enough, we were back at our final walk through (God help us all lol). Bob comes in and immediately tries to rip Ross a new one for going to a Century exec and complaining.

“I GOT IN TROUBLE. YOU can’t go over my head to my boss. If you have an issue, you come to ME.”

A mistake people commonly make about Ross? He is young and therefore can be walked on. Bob being much older than Ross, thought he could intimidate and verbally berate my husband and get away with it. Big mistake. Ross tore into Bob this time around & it was SO well deserved.

^Actual footage of me watching Ross put Bob in his place lol.

Needless to say, the second walk through went much smoother than the first. Bob was walking on egg shells like he should have been during the first walk through.

The customer is always right. & if the customer is Ross, you better be f**king respectful.

After a long year of warranty reschedules & problems with a V incompetent warranty manager, late & aloof warranty construction workers, & continuous issues with Century Communities and their horrendous staff, we can finally say our beautiful townhouse is pretty much a 10/10.

But let me be clear, this is in NO way thanks to Century Communities. They would have left our house falling apart if we didn’t diligently harass them to do their jobs.

Was this the end of our Century Communities woes? I had hoped it was! BUT of course it wasn’t.

I pull up to my garage yesterday and there is a construction cone in front of our driveway making it so we can’t pull in. The following note from Century Communities employee, Greg Philips (fake name for anonymity), was taped to our garage door:


LOL. LOL. LOL. YOU GUYS. Is this real life??

So we can’t park in our garage for 2-4 days, have two displaced cars, have to find places to park, and then have to walk, on foot, back to our house in December (um ya, it’s f**king freezing).

My husband and I called Greg Philips multiple times to try get clarification on why all of the sudden they need to tear up our concrete; of course, Greg never answered or returned any of our phone calls. The incompetence continues!

It's now been 6 days since we received Greg's note about the concrete tear up. Surprise, surprise! They're still not finished.

Century Communities, you are a JOKE of a real estate company - your employees are disastrous, and your customer service is non-existent. You have lost two potential customers for life. My husband and I will NEVER build with you all again and we will advise our friends, family, & huge number of readers against ever building with you all as well.

Good riddance Century CONmunities. Good riddance.