No no drama, no no no no drama!

I’m hoping you all sang the title of this vent sesh…because My Humps was the jam back in 2005. Also, 2005 was 13 years ago. Excuse me while I go cry in my wheelchair.

Anyways, we are at 96.7K views on the blog guys. 96.7K VIEWS!!!!!!!! LIKE WHAT?! Is this real life?? You guys are awesome.

This post, I want to explore some of the accusatory comments that I keep getting from trollies on the blog –

“You like high school drama”.

These commentators have been quick to label my vent sessions as nothing more than petty high school drama. My question to you, what even is “high school drama”? & whatever it is, do I actually like it?

Drama is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a state, situation, or series of events involving interesting or intense conflict of forces”.

Dramatic situations I have shared are created by the perpetrators themselves. With that in mind, can we say that the Gert, Bertha & Peggy's of the world like drama? I don’t think so. They’re just people. V sucky people. V crazy people. But people nonetheless. & people are unpredictable and emotional. Unpredictability + emotionality are a combination apt to stir up drama. Therefore, all people, innately, will be dramatic at some point or another…right?

High school drama, according to Urban Dictionary (much more official than Merriam-Webster lol), is “the drama between people at high school, which people seem to create around themselves just to have a bit of action in their lives.”

So going off of UD’s definition, people are saying that I am creating the drama that I have in my life…. ahhhhh yes, that must be right. I enjoy generating drama where my friends turn out to be liars and STD cheaters…. SUPER fun “creating” those scenarios for myself lol.

This whole topic got me thinking of when I first actually experienced drama in my life, & after some reminiscing, it certainly was MUCH earlier than high school.

Drama smacked me hard in the face when I was supes little. Like I’m talking 10 years old little. 10 years old little when I looked like a v awkward young Adam Sandler…I was not a cute little girl lol.

My little 10 year old Adam Sandler self could be found ice skating the majority of my days. & if you know anything about the world of competitive figure skating, you know it can be a V scary place. Anyone who has been in or involved with a hyper competitive sport like this will be able to relate to the following: the parents are crazy. The coaches are crazy. The athletes are crazy.

The first really dramatic figure skating debacle that I remember was between my head coach and my mom. My head coach was going around sh*t talking my mom to other parents and skaters. This came to our attention the day prior to a competition. My mom and I walk into the competition rink & my head coach is instructing one of my friends on practice ice. Upon our entrance into the rink, my head coach goes, “I can’t STAND that woman” to my friend about my mom.

One thing I can tell you confidently? There’s no quicker way to lose a figure skating student than bad mouthing their parent (aka the one who pays your bills lol).

Let the game of telephone begin!

My friend immediately told his mom what was said, who then immediately told my mom what was said, who then fired my head coach. This kind of skating drama went on and on and I saw it happen with individuals far before their high school years, in their high school years, and far out of their high school years.

The first dramatic moment I remember from school was when I was in first grade. It was recess and I found it fit to tell another little girl on the playground that I didn’t want to play with her anymore. Why? Because she said “bad words”. The “bad word” this little girl said was “butt”.… lol like chill little Alisha Adam Sandler.

“You can’t play with me” (the predecessor of "You can't sit with us", am I right?)

The "butt" girl starts crying. I get in trouble. & the teacher makes me apologize. Observation? First grade isn’t HS & the criticism of “you’re in high school with all this drama” blah, blah, blah really isn’t accurate.

Take some time to look back at your past dramatic experiences. You’ll most likely find that they start way before high school and continue WAY after. Is there drama in high school? Duh, like of course (& a lot of it too); but honestly, I’ve seen the most intense drama transpire elsewhere. For example, wedding drama (which I’ve previously delved into in length with you all).

Do you guys know how many women reached out to me after I posted the vent sessions about kicking Bertha out of my wedding?

Thirteen. Thirteen total women with dramatic stories similar to mine on having to demote someone from their bridal party.


That’s so many!! Especially considering there’s still a HUGE portion of our friends and acquaintances that have yet to get married.

You want to go WAY out of high school for drama? A friend of mine recently told me that her grandma got into it with another older woman at her RETIREMENT home.

One older lady sat in my friend’s grandma’s favorite chair in the dining room and refused to move - even when my friend’s grandma asked her nicely.

Since the one lady refused to move, even upon cordial request, my friend’s grandma threatened to physically hurt the chair stealer…LOL. & APPARENTLY, residents threatening other residents in a retirement home is frowned upon, so my friend’s grandma unfortunately had to switch retirement homes. Conclusion here?

“HIGH SCHOOL” DRAMA NEVER ENDS! Hell, drama is alive and well with individuals in their 80s and 90s!

Why does this drama continue into our old age? BECAUSE WE ARE PEOPLE!

& we’re dramatic.

& sometimes we suck.

& this is why robots will inevitably take over the world because we can’t get our sh*t together.

Do I like high school drama or any type of drama for that matter? N-O. The only drama I like in my life is Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules (I’m a sucker for reality TV).

SO, if you choose to be HS dramatic around my friends or I, you better believe denv.her. will be here to discuss.

Does that mean that denv.her. likes drama? Nope. But we’re more than game to analyze and blast the sh*t out of it!

Till next time!