Afternoon Tea at The Brown Palace, Green Satin

I think I’m going to start giving you guys a random tidbit of info at the beginning of each fashion post…because it’s fun and we’re expanding our knowledge of useless information together! #yay.

I’m sure some of you saw this on our Instagram, but yesterday (11/21) was National Alascattalo Day. This is a day where Alaskan’s celebrate their sense of humor (so like, maybe comparable to our April Fools day?) and their mascot, the Alascattalo. An Alascattalo is a cross between a Moose and a Walrus.  Alaskans legit have an entire story about how a moose named Morris, and a walrus named Wanabelle, fell in love, got married, and had the first Alascattalo baby (which looks like a moose with a walrus head). Alaskans even hold an Alascattalo Day Parade in Anchorage every year on November 21st. Moral of this story? Alaskans have a v odd sense of humor but props for making up a weird story and a weird animal.

Moving right along.

Where to wear this look? Afternoon Tea at The Brown Palace


Normally I stray away from satin because I am the sweatiest human alive (yuck, I know lol), but this green satin kimono was so pretty I had to get it. Also since it’s an over-piece, I knew if I got too hot I could easily take it  off (which happened almost immediately after sitting down for tea & champs). This satin kimono has a beautiful floral design on the shoulders and sleeves giving off a full blown Asian princess vibe (I love Mulan). This beauty can be yours for only $48 from F21 & it also comes in black. 


Make sure you check out all the satin kimono’s Forever 21 has to offer while you’re looking, they have a huge variety.

This Calvin Klein Heathered Sheath Dress is from Macy’s and is $89.98. They no longer have tan but they do still have this dress in oatmeal! This dress is versatile because you can change up the feel of the piece by what you put over it and by what shoes you wear. I’ve already worn this dress to work with a blazer and heels. Then on the flip side, you can obvi make it more appropriate for a trendy outing such as Afternoon Tea with a kimono and boots, such as I did here.  

These booties are White Mountain and you can find this brand at DSW! They generally run around $49.99.


I paired this look with a Louis Vuitton Neverfull. No place is more appropriate for an LV than Afternoon Tea! This bag is great, especially when traveling due to its size. The one I have is a medium but it comes in large as well. You get to choose your interior and exterior colors when purchasing a Neverfull and I opted for the beige interior with the monogram exterior.


For dainty details, we paired this look with feather tassel drop earrings from Forever 21 ($8.90). The sunglasses are from TJ Maxx and are Franco Sarto (only $16.99). 


See below for product links & happy shopping!

PS below is what an Alascattalo looks like...he matches my outfit lol. K, bye.