Afternoon Tea at The Brown Palace, Taupe Satin

Guys is it just me, or is this like the longest week ever? U-G-H. & it’s only Wednesday. #help

Getting back down to business the week after a holiday is always SO hard; but I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Did any of you pixies venture out into the wilderness to do Black Friday shopping? All my Black Friday shopping was done online; that is until my hubby and I went to put up the Christmas tree, and then we remembered we had thrown it away during our last move. #ultimatefail

I was dead set on decorating the house that night (I’m obsessed with Christmas) so I made Ross take me to Hobby Lobby so we could get another tree. Hobby Lobby was having a 50% off all Christmas décor sale so it was a Black Friday mad house in there, BUT, we were able to get our tree and get out of there without Ross having a complete melt down (he hates shopping lol). End result? Christmas is now in full swing at the Hardin residence!

Now moving right along to v important fashion info & the stunning back-drops of The Brown Palace.

Where to wear this look? Afternoon Tea at The Brown Palace.


This taupe satin romper is from Forever 21 and is $48. Forever 21 has extended their Cyber Monday sales into a full on Cyber Week sale so there still great deals going on.

The taupe romper is currently out of stock at F21 but they do still have this style in black! I have linked the black romper and two similar colors to the taupe at the bottom of this post. TBH for someone like me, black is better option in satin anyways because I am the sweatiest human alive (#yum). The taupe satin shows any little bit of sweat so this outfit is best worn in colder weather months.


You can find these suede Lucky Brand peep toe booties at Macy’s and they are currently selling for $99.99 on a Cyber Monday special (which has been extended throughout the week)! Lucky Brand booties generally are $139 so definitely take advantage of this deal!


This little grey purse is from Bebe and it can be worn as a crossbody or a hand held with its little gold arm. Purses like this from Bebe run around $75. We wanted to do a grey purse to pair with the grey booties but didn’t want too much of a stark “matchy matchy” feel.  Mixing up materials but sticking with the same color is a good way to keep an outfit cohesive in a playful way. The faux leather of the purse is a good difference in grey from the suede booties.


For dainty details we chose a statement necklace is from Forever 21 and was only $15. I def advise shopping for jewelry from F21 online. Avoid the mess and there is a larger selection. These sunglasses are from TJ Maxx and were only $20! Head into that store and you will always be able to find a great pair of sunnies that will be v reasonably priced. I actually don’t recommend shopping at TJ Maxx online though. They don’t let you search directly for brands online and they have a lot less product available online than they do in stores.