Base Coat

Hi babes! denv.her was invited to the trendiest nail salon in Denver and we are so excited to share our experience with you.

Let us introduce, Base Coat


Base Coat has two locations in CO (LOHI, Stapleton) and two locations in CA (DTLA & Fairfax). We visited Base Coat at their Stapleton location in Colorado at The Stanley Marketplace.

This was our first time visiting The Stanley Marketplace and it’s really neat. Not only is the marketplace home to Base Coat, this space also hosts some of our local favorites including Denver Biscuit Company and Infinite Monkey Theorem.

Base Coat’s space in Stanley Marketplace is SO stylish. Upon arrival at the boutique, you enter and see a bright pink neon sign reading “Treat Yo Self.”

“Treat Yo Self.” is Base Coat’s slogan and you can see this trend throughout the salon. Base Coat has branded coffee mugscosmetic bagstotes and more with their “Treat Yo Self” line and we are in love with this branding.


Once we were all checked in for our appointment, we were instructed to select a nail polish from a vast collection of beautiful colors. Now I must mention Base Coat’s commitment to safe and non-toxic manicures and pedicures! This salon was founded to provide a non-toxic environment for nail pampering. In fact, Base Coat was one of the first non-toxic salons in the US. #winning


Base Coat’s polishes and products were specially formulated for the company and are free from all harmful chemicals (not only does this protect you, but the environment as well). Regardless of all harsh chemicals being removed, Base Coat’s polishes are incredibly long lasting (my nails still look phenomenal and I got my manicure over a week ago!). The salon’s products are made in the USA, vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty free. Totes ten points to Base Coat!

Once we had selected a nail color, we were guided to our manicure stations and offered water, tea or Rosé.


While Trez enjoyed her wine, I actually opted for one of Base Coat’s teas instead (*GASP, I know, I know, the wine queens are going to shun me lol, BUT I just really love a good tea). Base Coat’s herbal teas were created specifically for the salon by Dram Apothecary and they are delicious. I drank my entire mug and it was tasty and soothing. These teas also fortify and rejuvenate your nails for an added bonus! #drinkup

Base Coat boasts five pedicure stations and six manicure stations, keeping for a more intimate & exclusive experience. Base Coat’s pedicure stations feature navy velvet chairs on an elevated stage with gorgeous soaking tubs where you rest your feet. The manicure stations are set up on a long wooden industrial table with cream colored upholstered chairs to complement the wood accents throughout the salon. The wood and white throughout Base Coat give off a relaxing and pristine vibe. 


Seriously, how much trendier can you get? We’re obsessed with Base Coat’s décor choices.

Base Coat offers four levels of manicures: the Quick Coat ($30), the Base Coat ($40), the Luxe Coat ($50), and their Gel Manicure ($50). We experienced the Base Coat manicure and loved, loved, loved it.

Our manicurists were Jessica Dent and Kristen Morine and both of them were dolls and so much fun to socialize with.

First our manicurists shaped our nails according to our preferences and took care of our cuticles. Fun fact about Base Coat, they use super pretty glass nail files to shape your nails. These files seal the edge of your nail during filing compared to regular files that leave your nail edges unfinished and prone to snagging. #sofancy & #yesplease

Next, we were treated to a hydrating hand massage that left our hands feeling v relaxed and v smooth.

Finally, our manicurists polished our nails to perfection and finished with a shiny clear, protective coat. Both of our nails looked fabulous! Big shout-out to Jessica and Kristen for the amazing manicures and lovely customer service. 

Adding on to the list about things we love about Base Coat, this salon was founded by girl boss babes in Colorado!


We love the opportunity to support local companies such as this and can’t wait to return to Base Coat soon.

It's time for you to show your nails some love and get pampered at Base Coat readers! Make sure to tell them that denv.her. sent ya!



Base Coat Nail Salon Stapleton

2501 Dallas St #262, Aurora, CO 80010

(303) 632-6191