La Tour, Vail

We were up in Vail - not Paris lol - for Memorial Day weekend & we decided to spend part of our evening at La Tour - which IS a contemporary French Bistro - for cocktails and appetizers.

La Tour is located in Vail Village and offers sophisticated & creative dishes as well as an extensive wine list and fun cocktails - look for the cute little yellow awning and bicycle!


La Tour is a Vail Classic when it comes to the higher end restaurants in the village and it's a great place to dine. This was a solid choice for us as La Tour is within walking distance to all the night hot spots in Vail Village.

The staff of La Tour is always fun and engaging whether you're sitting down for a full meal or out for a night on the town.


We started off our night with some La Tour cocktails.

e def recommend the Zombie Flamingo.


The Zombie Flamingo is made with jalapeno infused vodka, dry curacao, raspberry balsamic mint shrub, and absinthe. So refreshing and a great summer drink.

For appetizers, we went with the Bread Basket, Wild Burgundy Escargots, Wagyu Tartare, Shishito peppers Peppers, and the Lobster Toast.


Bread Basket #isbutteracarb? 


Good bread and comes with spreads. 

This was all of our first times trying Escargot and we LOVED it. 


The Wild Burgundy Escargots are served in a sauce persillée - the sauce persillée was buttery, creamy, and garlicky (great for bread dipping once you eat the snails!). This app comes with 6 snails ready to be scooped from their holders and onto toasted baguette pieces. The texture of the escargot was great (not chewy at all as I was anticipating for a snail). 10/10 would recommend.   

Wagyu Tartare is always a decadent dish & the girls and I have a taste for raw so we were excited to try this app out. 


The Tartare is made with hand chopped raw wagyu beef, baby kale, quail eggs, and sauce ravigote. Sauce ravigote is a French sauce seasoned with chives, parsley, shallots and capers. This app was packed with flavor - a little overpowering on the chive end (onion flavor with strong hints of garlic) but great high quality lean meat. 

Shishito peppers - beautiful presentation, spicy AF and served with Maldon Salt. 


These peppers had a kick that caught us by surprise! Those of us who enjoy a good engine rev were good with the peppers being spicy but some of the girls opted for other dishes after trying one of these bad boys.

The Lobster Toast is made with avocado, Denver crunch loaf, frisée, preserved lemon peel, fines herbs, lemon aioli. 


The Lobster Toast was good and was a favorite.

Next time you find yourself in Vail, La Tour is definitely worth trying out! à bientôt!

  • La Tour

  • Address: 122 E Meadow Dr, Vail, CO 81657

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  • Phone: (970) 476-4403