The Point, Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine

denv.her. was invited in to The Point, Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine and I was super interested to see what acupuncture was all about!

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This was my first time giving acupuncture a shot and I felt all Shannon Beador as I walked in.

#whenlifegivesyoulemons #putnineinabowl! (for those of you that don't get my Shannon - Real Housewives of Orange County - reference lol, Shannon Beador is ALL about holistic healing and gets acupuncture (also called acu) regularly!)

The Point is located off of Pearl Street in Platt Park in this cutie lil purple building!


You go inside and head down the stairs and will find The Point’s suite space on your left.

The Point's office space is so cute, warm & inviting and you can tell you're about to have a relaxing time the second you walk in.


Katherine, goes by Katie, Altneu  is the founder and clinic director of The Point. Katie could not have been more gorgeous inside & out. She immediately made me V comfortable having her as my acu & healing technician.

Katie has a long list of credentials including her M.S.O.M. (Master's Science Oriental Medicine), Dipl O.M. (NCCAOM - nationally certified) and LA.C (Licensed Colorado acupuncturist). #bossbabe


Katie got into acu herself when she was suffering from digestion problems that regular doctors could not seem to remedy. When Katie started trying acu out, the digestion problems drastically subsided and she's been a strong advocate ever since! 

I went into The Point wanting to try out acupuncture for my neck, some main body points, and also try out their latest and greatest LED facial treatment!

For those that are uncertain of what acupuncture is - it's the use of thin, sterile needles that a healing technician strategically places on your body to promote circulation, relieve pain, and or stimulate collagen & elastin of the skin. I specifically went into The Point for acupuncture on my neck to target my "Tech Neck".

Tech Neck is the pesky result of staring down at a cell phone (#likewahhh lol #alwaysstaringatphone) that causes horizontal creases to form on the neck. Acupuncture can help alleviate creases and wrinkles like this by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the skin to the targeted area. Say hello to more youthful and smoother skin! #yasplease (& for my gals and guys out there that aren't botox fans - facial acupuncture is a great option to tackle fine lines and wrinkles on the face.)

Katie placed 20 short needles in my neck and also targeted some key areas on my legs, feet, and top of my head. The needles in the neck were shorter and more robust to really get the collagen stimulated - acu on the neck isn't painful by any means, but you can certainly feel the placement poke in more tender spots on the neck in my experience - however, once the needle is placed, it was all good for me from there.


I didn’t feel the needles placed on my legs, feet and top of the head at all.

Once I was nice and needled up - I opted for the LED facial treatment while my acu set . The LED facial treatment is a Color Light Therapy mask that helps promote collagen production, fight acne and reduce wrinkles #glowbabyglow. During the LED treatment, lil eye protection peepers were placed over my eyes so the brightness wasn’t disturbing.


The LED treatment was a nice addition to my acupuncture - #twobirdsonestone !

It was time to chill out and take a little 15-20 minute nappy. There was nice lulling piano music playing during my treatment as well as soothing water sounds.


Fully #laxed

After my 20 minutes were up - Katie came back in, removed the LED mask and removed my needles. There is a chance for slight bruising with acupuncture so keep that in mind before your treatment! It is rare but I did get two little baby bruises on my neck!

Katie then massaged my neck with Vitamin C and a Gua Sha which is a beauty crystal rooted in old Chinese acupuncture techniques. Katie even let me take one with me!


The Gua Sha helps relieve tension and encourages circulation. The Point sells their own Gua Shas and multiple skin care treatments such as the Vitamin C serum for use post treatment!


I left The Point feeling v grounded & calm AF.

Thank you to The Point and Katie for having me in - I will be back in soon!! Be sure to enter our giveaway readers and try out The Point today for some acupuncture and some amazing holistic offerings!

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  • Address: 1705 S Pearl St #4, Denver, CO 80210

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