Barolo Grill

denv.her. was invited in to dine at Barolo Grill and we couldn't wait to try out this upscale Italian fare restaurant! &, not to spoil the ending on how much we enjoyed this meal lol, BUT Barolo Grill has become our favorite Italian restaurant in Denver.

Barolo Grill is situated in Cherry Creek on 6th avenue - the restaurant has complimentary valet. 


The front of the restaurant is showcased by v large windows that allow generous amounts of sunlight to brilliantly stream in and light up the dining room.

The vibe is classy Italian with elements of romance - Treslyn and I were seated in the front dining room right next to the restaurant's beautiful fire place. 


Ambiance? 10/10 would recommend.

Barolo Grill's menu is seasonal but their dishes are always based on Northern Italian cuisine. 

To say our waitress Nicole was knowledgeable about Barolo Grill's menu, is a massive understatement - she's an expert and knew the detailed food offerings, extensive wine list and specialty drinks inside and out. Barolo's menu is complex to say the least and Nicole seamlessly brought us through our meal with impeccable recommendations and pairings based on our preferences.

I started my meal with one of the restaurants house-made Italian sodas - I tried the elderflower soda per Nicole's recommendation. The elderflower soda had a sweet tart flavor (comparable to lychee) with a crisp clean finish - V refreshing. I could have drank multiple of these bad boys and will definitely order again the next time we dine here - the soda paired wonderfully with the amuse-bouche!


Barolo Grill was not only about to serve us an outstanding meal - the presentations of each of their dishes is GORGEOUS. Just wait and see!

First up, the Antipasti (the appetizers!). 

We decided on the Soufflé di formaggio and the Crudo di Vitello.

The Soufflé di formaggio is a goat cheese souffle that was garnished with charred purple beet puree, yellow beet relish, orange gelée, and goat cheese - each garnish accompanied the souffle beautifully. The souffle was puffed, golden & airy. Fav garnish? Two words, #goatcheese. This appetizer was excellent. 


The second starter we chose was the Crudo di Vitello. This was hand chopped raw (crudo is the Italian word for raw) veal tenderloin topped with bagna cauda and pickled shallots. The dish was served with focaccia crostini. 

Meat loving foodies - you will swoon for this crudo. The veal was tender and smooth in taste - it also had a beautiful texture. The fresh focaccia crostini added nice crunch to the dish & the bagna cauda and pickled shallots made for nice flavor differentiation.


For our Insalate (salad) course, Nicole recommended the Insalata di Primavera.

This spring salad is made with unique vegetable variations rather than standard leafy greens. The Insalata di primavera is made with baby carrots, English peas, fava beans, radish, fennel, cucumber, heirloom cherry tomatoes, castelmagno cheese, and white balsamic vinaigrette. The pairing of the vegetable selection with the white balsamic vinaigrette is refreshing and distinct in taste.


Pasta la vista readers - it was then time for our Primi Piatti or pasta courses. #YASplease

One of the things that we learned while dining at Barolo Grill is that they offer small (tasting), medium or large portions for their pasta courses. This is an AMAZING way to dine - especially when dealing with heavier Italian dishes - it gives you the flexibility to try out numerous options without overeating. 

Nicole recommended the Agnolotti del Plin and the Tajarin con Salsiccia di Bra. We ordered both of her recommendations and then added the Cavatelli con Funghi. We ordered the mediums of the Agnolotti del Plin and the Cavatelli con Funghi and the small of the Tajarin con Salsiccia di Bra.

Let’s start with the pasta dish that absolutely blew our minds and became our favorite dish out of the entire meal - The Agnolotti del Plin. 

The Agnolotti del Plin is made with piemontese pinches of pasta stuffed with Gorgonzola picante, thyme-roasted pears, toasted almonds, figs, and brown butter. 

Guys. This dish was pure heaven - it's one where you take a bite and just go -


The tiny pasta parcels stuffed with the delicately flavored Gorgonzola were HEAVENLY. This is a MUST order when dining at Barolo and we already can't wait to go back in for this dish.


Home run Barolo Grill, freaking home run.

Nicole paired the Agnolotti del plin with a beautiful white wine - a CasalFarneto Crisio, Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Riserva Classico. This wine has a freshness and clear lift with floral and white fruit notes that makes it pair very well with lighter pasta dishes like the Agnolotti.

The Tajarin con Salsiccia di Bra came in as our second favorite dish of the night. The Tajarin con salsiccia di bra is made with white salsiccia di bra, tomato tajarin, parmigiano, tomato powder. Nicole described this dish as a deconstructed Bolognese - this dish was meaty and I loved, loved the sauce.


Nicole paired the Tajarin con Salsiccia di Bra with a nice red wine for us - a Chianti Classico. The Chianti is a dry tannic wine with lovely & smooth cherry notes. It pairs beautifully with red sauces like the Tajarin had.

The Cavatelli con Funghi is house-made cavatelli and is served with foraged mushrooms, parmigiano, cured egg yolk, and black pepper. This pasta was great but we would advise ordering this dish in a tasting portion if you are sharing multiple pastas! The Cavatelli pasta is v rich and heavy.


The white wine - CasalFarneto Crisio, Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Riserva Classico was also paired with the Cavatelli as Crisio pairs v well with mushrooms.

While we dined, we were able to meet General Manager Adam Moore and Owner Ryan Fletter - both were absolutely lovely and made us enjoy our dining experience at Barolo even more - Ryan also has a stellar sense of humor!

For our entree - we went with the Spring seasonal - The Agnello.


The Agnello is Colorado lamb loin served with baby artichokes, English pea sformato, hazelnut romesco. The lamb was cooked to medium-rare perfection and we enjoyed the surprising kick of the spicy romesco sauce. The baby artichokes were savory and a nice touch.

For dessert, we wanted to try out Barolo's gelato and sorbet options - Nicole quickly suggested the Gelati fatti in casa stracciatella (chocolate chip gelato) and the Sorbetti fatti in casa frutto della passione (passionfruit sorbet). 


The Stracciatella gelato has shards of fine chocolate drizzled into it and we enjoyed the palate change from the chocolate to the fruitiness of the passionfruit sorbet while we ate. Both of these desserts were perfection!

The chef also had the Torta di formaggio sent out which is Barolo's castelmagno cheesecake served with lavender honey and toasted hazelnuts.


Hats off to the chef for making sure we didn't leave without trying this dessert staple. This cheesecake is hands down the best cheesecake we've had to date. 

My sister and I were super wary when the cheesecake was brought out along with the gelato and sorbet, because were were so stuffed lol - BUT, let me tell you about this phenomenal cheesecake. It’s SO light and fluffy - it melts in your mouth. My sister and I ate the entire thing. The lavender honey and hazelnuts also had a hand in making this dessert divine. 

Huge, HUGE thank you to Barolo Grill for hosting us - this dinner was outstanding and we can't wait to come back and visit you all very soon. That Agnolotti del plin has our name ALL over it!

Denverites, for upscale Italian fare - Barolo is the place to dine - hope to see you there!

Barolo Grill

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