Guys I gotta go off on a quick tangent here - I just truly can't comprehend when someone can verbally discount someone who has never been anything but nice to them.

So good ol Dudley saw a friend of ours out at the bars and the two started talking about business.

"So Dudley, what have you been up to?"

"Oh you know, just doing a lot of real estate investments"

"Nice! So like what Ross does?"

Dudley scoffs



but I write my OWN checks."






Like are you actually freaking serious? You’re going to try to make a snide and belittling comment about Ross - to a friend of ours nonetheless - & allude that you’re a big bad boss man?

I cannot.

For those of you that know Ross - dude works his tail off and is respectful to everyone around him - so Dudley’s comment REALLY grinds my gears.


Let. me. break. down. my. opinions. here. Dud.

1) You are easily, EASILY, the most arrogant little trust fund brat I have EVER met. Your mommy and daddy write your checks.

Please take a seat & stop the pretending.

2) Ross is a self made man. Put you and Ross in ANY business scenario, and he's blowing you out of the water - funny thing is, you already know this. & anyone who's dealt with either of you in a business capacity will READILY confirm - hell, even your "friends" in your little boys club will confirm his ability over yours.

So please explain to me why you are 

around town running your insecure mouth when you have nothing you personally built backing you? 

Grow up.  

Your Dad and Grandad?

THOSE are business men.

& I can bet the ignorant and braggart words of - "I write my OWN checks" - has never & will never leave their lips. 

So for the love of God - PLEASE, PUH-LEASE, start leading by their example. You’re single-handedly making a fool of yourself - you didn’t used to be like this.

3) Ross has more integrity in his pinky finger than you have in your entire body. He STILL hasn't said one bad thing about you since all of this went down. He's bigger than this petty BS AND he's younger than you.

So, kindly direct what you think are your witty little quips my way - I got you boo.

& Duds my man, 

you REALLY want to talk about YOUR investing lol?

I've been DYING to go here. 

Oh wait…. 


Didn't you hear???


Sharpe ALSO enjoys running her un-loyal mouth - ESPECIALLY when she's mad at you lol.


Thanks to her, a bunch of us know all about your latest & greatest investment disaster.

#ZIPPitydooda mon frère!

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

That part of the story has yet to transpire! 

I just want to make you sweat until we get there.