Mykonos, Greece

From Athens, we then made our way to Mykonos.

We were originally going to take a ferry from Athens to Mykonos but that apparently can take anywhere from 2-5 hours dependent on your route #nothankyou . Once we realized how long that transfer was going to take, we bought plane tickets instead. The flight was a quick 40 minutes and we found ourselves in the beautiful blue and white city of Myk.

Leto Hotel

The Leto Hotel is a nice hotel with a really pretty entry way and great views of the water. The staff at Leto was...odd lol...just not as friendly as hotel staff in the US. The hotel manager, Ross aptly named “Cat Man”, because of his overall surly demeanor and feline looking face lol.

We enjoyed some fresh seafood here at Leto's restaurant, Natura. The tuna and quinoa salad was our favorite.


Stray Cats

There are cats and kittens EVERYWHERE in Mykonos & I was on a mission to pet and feed them all lol. I don't even like cats that much & I'm allergic but they were too cute to ignore.



There are ATV and scooter shops all over Mykonos for tourists to use. We rented an ATV and explored the island and this was fun, albeit a bit scary at times. 

The roads of Mykonos are SUPER narrow and windy so it takes a little bit to get used to how close the opposite flow of traffic passes you - but once we find our way to more remote spots of the island we were able to catch some great views and take it all in...without almost t-boning anyone lol.



M-eating is a super cute Mediterranean restaurant in the middle of town - you can sit on the balcony right next to the hustle and bustle of tourists walking by which was fun - #bigpeoplewatcher.


For apps we did the Goat Cheese Trilogy, the Variety of Mushrooms and the Slow Cooked Rabbit.


The Goat Cheese Trilogy was AMAZE (no surprise there, I live for goat cheese). It was three different preparations of goat cheese with tomato jam. The Variety of mushrooms were good came in mushrooms cream with parmesan chunks. It was four different types of mushrooms. The Slow Cooked Rabbit was tasty and is stuffed with spinach pesto, served on a cauliflower puree.

For entrees, I got the Fresh fish fillet and Ross got the Beef Fillet.


I won't lie, by the time our entrees came we were already pretty full from apps and wine. The Fresh fish fillet is served with Mykonian "savor" sauce, mashed topinambur and small vegetables - standard dish. The Beef Fillet comes in a Drambuie sauce, savory halvah, asparagus and mushrooms. I liked my entree better than Ross', but he liked his better - just depends on if you're in the mood for fish or meat!

For dessert, we had the Mykonian "melopita" which is Mykonian honey pie wrapped in phyllo pasta and "melopita" flavored ice cream. SO good (and I'm NEVER too full for dessert lol).


This was a good meal but the apps and dessert were the standouts!

Scorpios Mykonos

Scorpios was the highlight of our Mykonos trip - be prepared to open up that wallet for this bougie hot spot but it's worth it & is a full day affair!

We booked a cabana for the day on Scorpios' oasis beach (they have four table and cabana beaches/areas to choose from, we booked our cabana about a month in advance to ensure we would get a good one) and it was our own little tranquil piece of heaven for the day. The cabana was also great for shade throughout the day because it was HOT. From Oasis beach, we were able to go right down to the Aegean Sea and swim.


Scorpios also has beach attendants that serve as your waiter/waitresses and will wait on you for food and drink throughout the day. The beach attendants weren't the friendliest but were super attentive - just a difference in cultures, service wise, from what we're accustomed to in the US.

After some morning swimming, drinking, reading, sunbathing, and overall leisure-ing lol - it was time to head to the Scorpios restaurant. This turned out to be our favorite restaurant we ate at in Mykonos. We were sat at one of the highest points of Scorpios looking out on the ocean which really set the scene for an amazing meal.


Scorpios' restaurant  boasts huge plates made for sharing with V fresh and holistic ingredients. For apps we got hummus, prawns, and A LOT of oysters.

This bearded oyster man is one of Scropios' infamous faces and you're bound to see him if you dine here!


For entrees, we went for the lobster and the steak with potatoes, cauliflower and peppers.

Everything we ate was unreal and the pictures speak for themselves - Mediterranean/Greek gourmet local basics with some Asian fusion influence. 


After our meal, Ross and I took advantage of the massage therapists Scropios has down on the beach right by the ocean. Couples massage for the win.

After our massages, the sun was starting to go down and we hung out in our cabana a bit longer. Scorpios is know for their sunset parties/rituals where they have a DJ and body painting artist. 


Kastro's is the prettiest little spot by the sea but the food was super underwhelming for dinner (and we went when it was dark outside so couldn't truly enjoy the view). The servers were very slow so we ended up taking our entrees to go after finishing our apps. 


We've heard this place is better for brunch and you'll get to enjoy the view if you're sat outside!


The Streets of Mykonos at Night

Mykonos is such a fun city to get lost in but beware, it's also not a fun city to actually get lost in lol.

Ross and I wandered around for about an hour one night trying to get back to our hotel. Navigating the alleys gets quite confusing, tourists are EVERYWHERE (so the pace is mind mindbogglingly slow as everyone meanders through the small pathways), and there's little to no cell service in the heart of town. So if you go wandering at night, be prepared to be patient and be prepared to potentially lose your way!


Windmills of Kato Mili

We got up V early our last morning in Mykonos and made our way to the Windmills of Kato Mili. These windmills are the icons of Mykonos and are a must see.

It was really fun walking through the city to the windmills in the morning because it was a ghost town. Mykonos boasts a lot of late night clubs so people go out late and don't get up early - Ross and I had the alleyways, pathways and Windmills to ourselves because of this!


Crepa Land

Ross and I stopped at Crepa Land ( for breakfast after checking the windmills out and it was SO good. For savory get the ham and cheese and for sweet get the strawberry, banana, and nutella!


Next we were off to Santorini - stay tuned for the full review!