He say "do you love me?", I tell him only partly. I only love my bed and my sushi, I'm sorry.

denv.her. was invited to Komotodo by the owner and a good friend and we could not wait to check it out! We had heard about Komotodo's famous avocado fries and sushi burritos and were more than ready to finally try them out - we love sushi but this would be our first time having a sushi burrito!


When we arrived at Komotodo, we were greeted by a cutie little smiley balloon reserving our table (Alonzo you're the best!). Komotodo has great vibes and top dance hits playing while you eat so you could definitely pregame here before a night out!


Komotodo's Happy Hour goes from 3-7pm Monday through Friday. They have drinks ranging from $4 Tito's handmade vodka infused fresh mango lemonade ( #yesplease) to $20 bottles of Pinot Noir or Pinot Grigio. 


Once we got situated and got a run down of the menu, we were ready to order! Sergio was our server and was super courteous and knowledgeable about the menu.


The side we started with was obviously Komotodo's World Famous Avocado Fries. This side is a house favorite and was recently featured on Fox News. 





So freaking good - I legit could not deal. With each bite of these fries, I embarrassingly made a scene lol #fatch. But c'mon like YUM. The fries were crunchy on the outside and the avocado was warm and smooth on the inside. The fries come with a fab chipotle mayo for dipping. 


Once we thoroughly pigged out on the avocado fries, it was time for our entrees! We got the Fiery Crunch Sushi Burrito and the Spicy Poke Tuna bowl.  


I was a little nervous trying out a sushi burrito. I don't really know why because I love sushi, but I hadn't tried one yet! & boy, oh boy have I been missing out. The Fiery Crunch Sushi Burrito has officially made me a sushi burrito believer!


The Fiery Crunch Sushi Burrito is filled with panko shrimp, surimi crab, pickled red cabbage, English cucumber, avocado, shaved carrots, jalapenos, onion tempura flakes and spicy teriyaki sauce. Yum, yum, yum!


I can't wait to go back and get another one (along with avocado fries of course). The burrito was fresh, tasty, and filling and since the wrapping is seaweed, you're looking at a lot less calories than a tortilla! While eating, I dipped the burrito in chipotle mayo for additional sauce. The burrito was my sister and I's favorite entree.

The Spicy Poke Tuna bowl was also great!


The bowl was made with spicy yellow-fin tuna, English cucumber, green onions, wakame Japanese salad, onion tempura flakes, romaine lettuce, jalapenos, mangos and spicy teriyaki sauce. 


For dessert we had the Xango Roll and Creme Filled Churros.


The Xango Roll is a breaded cheesecake roll covered in chocolate drizzle and cinnamon dust. The Creme Filled Churros are also covered in chocolate drizzle.

We're suckers for dessert and loved both of these options but the Xango Roll was unlike anything we've ever had before and was SO good. 


Huge thanks to Komotodo for having us and we can't wait to be back! 

Babes make sure to check out Komotodo for your next meal & make sure to tell them that denv.her. sent you! ...and also invite me because I need avocado fries and that Fiery Crunch Sushi Burrito in my mouth immediately. 

Happy Eating!