Macy's, Go Red for Women


This is the ugly truth readers. Heart disease is the number one cause of death for women each year...& we had no idea about this sad and startling statistic.

We are so thankful to have become more aware of heart disease and its risks through Macy's as they proudly support the Go Red for Women campaign run by the American Heart Association. Once we learned about this campaign, we were very eager to get involved.


Macy’s has been partnering with the American Heart Association since 2004 and together, they have raised over $65 million for heart disease research and awareness. Through Feb 28th, Macy’s is donating 10% of the profits coming from these three pieces to the American Heart Association.

  1. Calvin Klein Go Red® Cold Shoulder Sheath Dress
  2. Thalia Sodi Dress
  3. Thalia Sodi T-Shirt

Even though the heart disease statistics are scary, there is a silver lining as 80% of all heart disease can be prevented! This prevention comes from making simple changes in your lifestyle such as eating healthier and working out in some way, shape, or form for about 45 minutes each day. We encourage you all to take steps to mitigate your risk of heart disease and become healthier all around!


So now that you have picked out your perfect red piece from above, you'll be needing the perfect red lip & Macy's has you covered! We never want to leave you all out of the chance to experience great Macy's product so head on over to our Instagram (@denv.her) to enter to win a $100 Macy's gift card! The winner will be announced on Sunday 2/25/18 and good luck!


Now, a red lip can be challenging - you want to choose the right lip products to ensure the lipstick won't smudge off on your face or teeth during wear AND nothing is worse than putting on lipstick and having grooves and cracks in the lip have more prominent color. Before applying any lipstick product, we like to exfoliate our lips then apply Dior Fix It 2-in-1 Prime & Conceal Face Eyes Lips from Macy's. By doing this, we get an even and neutral base to apply the red lip color. 

The Dior concealer ensures even color when you layer the lipstick on top of it. This product also makes for ultimate lipstick hold and color impact.

Now that our lips are primed and ready, we move to a good red lip liner. We chose the  Dior Contour Lip Liner in Red Royalty from Macy's (our favorite!). Using the Dior Contour Lip Liner, we outline our lips which creates an area to fill in with lipstick later. We are obsessed with this lip liner because of the long lasting wear-ability and smooth texture for application.

Next up, lipstick! We recommend the MAC Viva Glam Sia Lipstick from Macy's (this is Treslyn's red lip go to). This gorgeous matte red shade is the perfect choice and we  love the quality of MAC as well as their dedication to cruelty free products.


The SIA lipstick applies easily and vibrant so you don't need to keep coating your lips and wasting the lipstick!


To finish off your red lip and ensure it will last all day, you will seal with a liquid lipstick. The Lancôme Matte Shaker High Pigment Liquid Lipstick color Red'y in 5 from Macy's, will keep your red color on all day no matter what eating and drinking you do! 

The best part about this liquid lipstick? It doesn't dry out your lips. The geniuses over at Lancôme created a liquid lipstick formula with Vitamin E that keeps your lips hydrated and kissable!

Your red lip is now complete!


Now that you have that perfect red dress & red pout, you need your red dress pin! You will receive this pin when you make a Go Red for Women purchase at Macy’s. This pin is a great conversation starter and can help bring awareness to the risks of women’s heart disease!


We sported our red dress pin not only on our red dress but on our black headband as well. 


We outfitted this entire look around our red dress pin and the Go Red for Women campaign.

Where to wear this look? Anywhere to support the Go Red for Women cause! Obviously lose the faux fur and rain boots if the weather permits!


Macy's has a huge selection of faux fur jackets that will keep you stylish and toasty in all the upcoming spring snow storms. Pairing a fluffy faux fur jacket like this with a red statement piece and a red lip is an outfit bound to turn heads.


This red dress is the Textured Calvin Klein Textured Crepe Sheath Dress from Macy's. This is a dress that can easily transition from the office to a classy evening out on the town. This dress is on sale for $89.98 and also comes in black! 

You obviously don't want to go bare legged in a snow storm so we grabbed our SPANX High-Waisted Tummy Control Tights from Macy's, Readers, we swear by these tights. They are so flattering and you don't have to worry about sucking in, in a form fitting dress. These tights firm up your butt and thighs while eliminating any sort of muffin top that may be present. 


While sporting our Red Dress Pin, we really wanted it to stand out and support the cause so not only did we have one on our dress, we put one on our Betsey Johnson Metallic Headband. You can get this headband from Macy's for $24 and this headband also comes in Ivory. Keep your ears warm while remaining oh so stylish.


In all this snow, it was important to keep our feet dry and warm so we opted for our rain boots. Never be afraid to wear a dressier outfit with rain boots and switch things up like we did! You'll be pleasantly surprised by what cute outfits you can build around them. Macy's has a solid selection of tall rain boots.


If you are interested in learning more about heart healthy tips, check out the Go Red for Women website. Here, you can find more information on the causes of heart diseasetips for prevention by age groupheart healthy recipes, and more.

We are proud to bring more awareness to women's heart disease through our partnership with Macy's & hope you all can find some heart healthy changes to implement into your lifestyle! Please help us in supporting this cause & thank you readers!