Daniel Wellington

Babes! When Daniel Wellington reached out to partner with us - we were beyond thrilled! I mean, freaking Elsa Hosk is one of their watch models. ELSA HOSK! 

Goals AF, and we love her.

So not only did Daniel Wellington's name ring familiar, we also were familiar with their beautiful pieces and had been dying to get one. Their minimalistic and elegant watches are gorg.


This is the Classic Petite Ashfiel + Sheffield Strap in Rose Gold. #obsessed. & we never want to let you all go without our fashion favs, so use code DENV for 15% of your Daniel Wellington piece!

The cold weather in CO has been getting us down (like 0 degrees worth of getting us down lol. #yuck) but outfitting this watch for winter was so fun! We were focused on bringing out the rose gold plating of our Daniel Wellington watch and the black band second.


If you have an accessory you're looking to feature in your outfit - utilize the same color in pieces far enough away from the accessory to complement it and not take away from it. This will tie in the color you're wanting to highlight (hence the purse and shoes in the outfit shown) without being totally overwhelmed in rose gold. We're going for classy, not tacky! 

This Faux Fur Taupe Coat is the toastiest and we got it from Forever 21 for $49.90.


These Faux Patent Metallic Ankle Boots are also from Forever 21 and are $32.90. We had to get these babies to match the rose gold of our DW.

This clutch is from Lulu's and once again we were playing off of the rose gold of the watch! 


To bring in the black of the DW band, we opted for a fun, ornately print bodysuit from Forever 21 and some dark Levi's jeans from Macys.


DW watches are truly timeless classics that can be seamlessly outfitted to perfection.