Paranormal Activity, Part I

It's officially sp00ky month readers! 

& I LOVE me some October. Heck, I love me some fall in general! Give me a cozy sweater, 65 degree days and a cute pair of boots and I am one happy gil (ps don't forget the pumpkin spice er'thang...except like pumpkin spice eggs...that would be gross).

One of my fav things about October? Haunted houses and haunted corn mazes. But word of advice - try going without dudes for once. When you go with boys, it's too easy to miss out on the scares.

No joke, I will make Ross stand behind me and push me through these haunted attractions. I close my eyes & plug my ears so I see and hear nothing... which like, congratulations! You were just blind, deaf, and dumb for a $45, 15 minute attraction that you PAY to get scared in lol. #ilikewastingmoney

So ditch the beau & get your scares!

Haunted attractions are 100% best visited with a group of girlfriends (AKA ghoulfriends) - Why? Because it's every female for themselves. 

Back in college, me and three girlfriends decided to brave a haunted corn maze together #sp00ky & what unfolded was a blast of a scary night.

So we lurk into this cornmaze, arguing about who gets the middle spots because nobody wants to be on the ends, and this giant horrific tree man comes busting out of the corn. 


Three of us book it while our fourth girlfriend ends up eating sh*t - the giant tree monster promptly stops his chase and stands over her pointing and laughing. #dead. 

Halfway through the maze, we ended up syncing up with a group of middle school boys with flashlights because #SOS college women needing assistance here - but these boys ended up ditching us after like 5 mins lol #halp. 

When we finally made it to the end of the corn maze, we heard the roar of the chainsaws and screams just a little bit ahead. The four of us start GEEKING out and can't decide who is going to go through the chainsaw valley first.

While we're trying plan this out, the chainsaw people (most likely amused that we're too scared to walk past them), bust out and chase us back INTO the maze. 


My best friend was in front of me about to take off and no joke you guys, in a pure state of panic, I grabbed her shoulder and literally launched her sideways into the corn so I could run past her. 

Like total knee jerk reaction lol lol - too scared to function appropriately on my end.

So all I hear as I'm booking it away from this chainsaw guy is my best friend who is now situated somewhere in the corn stalks yelling:


LOL - I’m still so sorry Dana.

I promise I won’t do it again this weekend!

Anyways, we finally make it out of the corn maze (somewhat) unscathed and it honestly was one of my fav nights from college - granted it's one of the few I can remember lol - but the sp00ks with the girls were a blast.

But now, what about REAL spooks? What about the thumps that come at night at night from ACTUAL monsters?

I lived in a sorority house for two years in college. This house had been home to our sorority since 1960 - there were several tales about our sorority house being haunted.

Supposedly, there was a little boy that had died on the property that would go around bruising new members as they slept.

Did I believe this story? Meh - a lot of us would get random bruises but that could easily be attributed to party injuries rather than a small ghost boy.

Like, "No Karen, the little ghost boy did NOT bruise you. You fell off the bar dancing at Bondi last night". 

But there was supposedly another ghost lurking around our sorority house. One a little more malevolent. One a little more real.

& THIS GHOST - THIS SPIRIT - I believe in with EVERY ounce in my body. 


To Be Continued.