Paranormal Activity, Part II

Trick or Treat boo boos!

So who has watched the Haunting of Hill House on Netflix? I originally wasn't going to watch it because I don't do well with the paranormal (and I didn't want to have to sleep with the lights on for the next 3 months lol) - but once I saw all the hype surrounding the series - people passing out, panic attacks etc. - I had to see what all the fuss was about.

Final verdict? Legit the perfect series going into Halloween. The first 5 epis (especially the 5th) had me SHOOK. The 5th episode is actual pure terror so be prepared.


But getting back to where we left off - the sorority house I lived in, in college.

Each sorority and fraternity has what they call a House Mom. House Moms live in the sorority/fraternity houses and oversee the residents' safety as well as the management, maintenance, and repairs of the house. 

My junior year, two of my sorority sisters and I moved into a new room on the second story in the house - a "triple". We were super excited to have this room - it was larger than most of the rooms in the house - more room for activities! 

But little did we know, this room used to be where one of the sorority's old House Moms resided. 

So we moved into this room and began our first semester of junior year.

One day, I was walking out of our room and down the hallway - all of the sudden, I catch a chill and the hair stands up on the back of my neck.

Something whispers in my ear.






When I got to the end of the hallway, I looked behind me. 

There was nothing there #dundundun. I chalked this event out to me being paranoid and hungover - there's no such thing as ghosts right?


The real scare was yet to come.

About a week later, I had pretty much forgotten about the whisper incident #howyoudoin'lil'mamalemmemewhisperinyaear.

So one night my two roommates and I are all in our beds going to sleep.

I'm laying there about to drift off, when all of the sudden, I have a V weird feeling wash over me…. a paranoid feeling that something bad was about to happen.

It got cold - much like it did in the hallway the week prior. 

I then felt pressure creep up my body - pushing me down into my bed. #SOS #SOS!

I. Was. Paralyzed.

Then a gargling, guttural voice of a woman cracked in both of my ears.







WELP. I was no longer paralyzed frans lol! 


- FLEW -

out of my bed to the light switch.

I turned on the lights and started GEEKING out, waking both of my roommates up. 

”WHAT THE F*****CK!!!!!!!!

Something just told me to "GET OUT"!! DID you guys hear that?! A woman just yelled to GET OUT. WHAT WAS THAT?!

The lights have to stay on! Can I sleep in one of your beds?! THE LIGHTS HAVE TO STAY ON!"

My roommates were both were SUPER annoyed...and wouldn't let me sleep in either of their beds lol #betches. But they did let me leave the lights on - & I laid in bed tossing, turning & praying like crazy for the rest of the night.

After this paranormal incident - one of my sorority sisters told me to talk to the girl who used to live in our room - that something similar had happened to her. 

I went to this girl and asked about her experience - she told she didn't like to talk about what happened to her (like oh God, not good) but she did tell me that one of the old House Mom's had lived in our room and get this, had



like OF COURSE it's haunted this lil ol’ lady had croaked there!

My sorority sister said she had apologized to the house mom’s ghost and asked her to leave her alone - after that nothing else happened to her…OK, I thought, I can muster up an apology to this spirit.

So terrified, I creep into my room and I'm all like:

JK lol.

I was much more sincere (and scared) than that  - I wasn't going to sorority cheer and potentially piss this ghost off more!

So I'm all like:



You really scared me last night. I'm sorry for whatever I did. Please leave me alone."

After that? 

The House Mom ghost/spirit/angrybetch (#jk #jk #JK - please leave me alone lol) was done haunting me. & when second semester came, I moved the F out of that room and never went near it again. #BYE

Lesson learned from this paranormal experience? 

Ghosts are real. & if by chance you ever cross a a spirit that's pissed at you?


Happy Halloween!