Temple Denver - Bottle Service

*Prices for bottle service at Temple will vary dependent on the night and who is performing! But tables in the pit (main floor) generally run from $1,300 - $1,700 and you can have 12 people at the L shaped booths. Each additional person over 12 will be extra $ (like $70).

denv.her. was invited to Temple Denver this past weekend for Bottle Service & readers, we seriously can’t get enough of this place!

We pregamed at SneekEazy which is directly adjacent to Temple & after a couple of specialty cocktails, we headed to the best club in Denvy to begin our night!

Huge thanks to Johnny Christmas for hosting us!!! #weloveya

When we arrived at Temple, we were seated at one of the tables on the second story floor. This was the first time we ever had bottle service on Temple’s second story and we loved it!

See the far left where the guy (hi Christian) with the white shirt and brown hat is standing? That was our table!

We’ve done bottle service multiple times in Temple’s pit (their sub level which is an absolute blast) but since we were higher up this go-round, we were able to watch Hook N Sling play & perform.

On the second story we also were able to appreciate the 50,000 (ya, that’s right) floor-to-ceiling LED bulbs that embellish Temple’s walls and ceiling.

We really were able to take Temple in, in its entirety at the second story table. The club really is unreal. 

Not only did we have a clear view of the DJ, we also had ample room to dance. The second story is much less claustrophobic than the pit and we had a lot of room to move around - but don’t get me wrong, the pit is REALLY fun (just v crowded, v poppin).

Case and point:


The second story provided us with more room to move around all night as well as better visibility to enjoy the show!

But honestly, there's not a bad seat in Temple. Each floor and bottle service table offers a club experience unlike any other. So, regardless of where you end up, you will be entertained.

Now who isn’t a fan of Bottle Service? It provides what I like to call a “home base” for the entire night. This way members of your friend group can split off, go dance in the pit, run to the restroom, hang out on the third floor, and always come back to home base. This eliminates wandering aimlessly around the club wondering where your friends are at.

Bottle Service at Temple also takes out the nuance of constantly running back to the bar when your drink is empty. This gives you a lot more time to dance and enjoy your night (which is why you’re at the club in the first place)!

Tony Montana - "I’m Tony Montana! You f*ck with me, you f*ckin’ with the best!"

& only the best, party at Temple. #getitTony

Back to the nuance of trying to get a drink in a club - running to the bar 5-6 times throughout the night is a good way to miss some of your favorite songs with some of your favorite people. While Joe/Jane Shmoe is standing at the bar waiting for their vodka, you could have your vodka in hand...at your bottle service table...picking up Joe/Jane Shmoe’s hot date in the mean time... #winning.

Temple’s amazing bottle service attendees will make sure your drinks are always filled to the brim. Temple’s great security team will keep randos out of your table area. This way you can let loose without worrying about anyone disrupting your time.

Temple has been bringing in some BIG DJ names since they opened.

For those of you that have partied with me, it’s very likely you have heard me play one of my fav songs - Freaks by Timmy Trumpet.

“Ah, the mighty trumpet brings the freaks out to the floor.”

Temple is hosting Timmy Trumpet in February so make sure you don’t miss out!

& does denv.her. ever let you babes miss out? Of course not!

Email John Christmas at johnny@templedenver.com for discount ticket promo codes, guest list opportunities, and Bottle Service! You can also message him on FB (John Christmas), Instagram (@heygimmethat) or shoot him a text at 720-469-6198. Make sure you let him know that denv.her. sent you!


Happy Dancing and see you at Temple babes!!

Temple Denver

1136 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203

(303) 309-2144