This past weekend, denv.her was invited to try out StarCycle! What is StarCycle you ask? StarCycle is an indoor cycling studio that offers 45 minute classes that are a full-body cardio workout.

I went into this workout on Saturday morning not knowing what to expect; I had never been to a cycling studio before. Little did I know, this workout was about to kick our butts in the best way possible.

As you enter the StarCycle studio, you are greeted by several friendly staff members who are eager and ready to assist you. These staff members will get signed you up for class and will get you a pair of their cycling shoes if you do not have your own. There is a $2 rental fee for StarCycle’s cycling shoes (unless it’s your first class, in that case, they’re free!). StarCycle also has some super cute gear and products in the front lobby you can shop!

Something that really sets StarCycle apart? They offer child care on-site for only $5. We saw several mothers and fathers drop their kiddos off in the supervised children’s area prior to taking class. This is one offering that really shows StarCycle cares about their members. They actively make accommodations so active parents can get in a killer workout, without having to worry about what to do with their little ones during that time.

Once we put on our cycle shoes, it was time for class. When we walked into the cycle studio, we were greeted by an array of bicycles, a lovely starry backdrop of the Denver Skyline, and a mini disco ball decorating the ceiling. We picked out our bikes & as we got situated, the StarCycle employees gave us a hand with the adjustment in height of our bicycle seats and handlebars and then made sure we were able to clip into our pedals.

When StarCycle class begins, the lights are turned off and the only light in the room is very dim lighting coming from the instructor’s platform. I loved, loved, loved, this aspect of class. You’re safely clipped into your pedals so light is not needed to safely work out. You also can still see your instructor with the dimmed lights on the platform. With the studio in almost complete darkness, you are able to settle into your bike and focus on the 45 minute workout at hand. You’re not worried about those around you. It is really just you and the bike. You’re also not worried about keeping up with stats on a screen. This is something that differentiates StarCycle from other cycle studios we have heard about.

StarCyle removes technology from their workout setting to emphasize an individual’s personal workout. The goal isn’t to compete against your neighbors. The goal isn’t to be highest on some scoreboard. The goal is to listen to your body and push yourself internally without distracting and discouraging external factors playing a part.

Our instructor on Saturday was Dionne Del Carlo, co-founder of StarCycle. Dionne was a PHENOMENAL coach and kept us pedaling to our limits. You could feel her passion for this studio and this workout from the instructor's stage.

Now, you know how the music an instructor plays can make or break a workout? Dionne’s music 100% ROCKED our cycling world. Seriously people, every song  Dionne played was a “YASSSSS!” moment. Even though our legs were on FIRE 99% of the class, Dione’s words of encouragement and sick beats kept us going. Dionne would have us find the beat of the music and pedal and pulse to the rhythm. Keeping on this rhythm kept our RPM’s high and we were soaked in sweat by the end of our workout.

Don’t forget, I mentioned StarCycle is a FULL body workout. How does a cycle class accomplish this? Obviously a lot of legs are involved (#der), but StarCycle’s classes also incorporate arm and abdominal exercises. This includes wide and narrow push-ups, side pulses off of the bicycle handle bars, and the classic tap back. We could feel our muscles BURNING during these pulsating movements. StarCycle also incorporates a weights section into their class that will tone up those arms. Side note; THANK GOD it’s so dark in the workout room because the faces I was making during the weight section were not pretty lol.

During class, my sister was checking her heart rate monitor consistently and her heart rate stayed around 165-170 the entire class. By the end of class, my sister had burned over 500 calories in 45 minutes. I REPEAT, 500 CALORIES IN 45 MINUTES. Now THAT is a workout people. This calorie burn is on par with what we burn in Orange Theory which is an hour long class.

Needless to say, when we left StarCycle, we were all hopped up on endorphins and ready for the rest of our weekend!

Now that you want to give StarCycle a try, GREAT NEWS, your first class is FREE! Whoop whoop! Once you take your free class, StarCycle offers many different packages from single rides to monthly unlimited rides. Check out their entire pricing structure on their website.

So what are you waiting for? 

Turn I wish, into I will. 

Head to StarCycle for your first free cycle class! Tell them denv.her. sent you & begin your fitness journey today!

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xoxo denv.her.