It's Your Party, You Can Snap If You Want To

Hi beauties!

In this vent sesh, I wanted to explore the demon of all demons, social media. JK lol. I love social media as much as the next #basicbetch, BUT despite its distracting attractiveness at pretty much ALL times, it certainly comes with some serious downfalls.

With the rise of social media, it’s a cake walk to keep tabs on people: 

Did they go out last night? What did they wear? Who were they with? Where did they go? Did they check in? Did they have fun? How many pictures did they take? How many likes do they have? How late were they out? What time did they post?

The list of questions goes on and on! & the funny thing is, by checking out someone’s social media, you can pretty much answer ALL of these questions about them.

Seriously lol, it's bit creepy if you think about it; but that’s the reality of our social media world. We can sleuth out many details of a person’s day to day life by simply friending them on Facebook, following them on Instagram, or religiously watching their Snapchat stories . We’re more or less modern day Sherlock Holmes without even really trying.

A social media problem that I have dealt with in the past months is what action to take after cutting someone out of your life. You can unfriend people. You can unfollow people. You can even block people and go totally off the grid. You want to forget about someone completely? NO PROBLEM.

Out of sight, out of mind is a VERY powerful concept.

I follow this concept strictly and unfriend people on Instagram, Facebook, and Snap as soon as I decide to make a clean break from them. In some instances, I’ve even gone back and deleted every single picture I’ve had with certain individuals to ensure I stay protected from seeing them. Why? They don’t exist to me anymore. 

Trust me here readers, in my opinion, if you aren’t subjected to seeing someone constantly on your social media feed, you are more apt to not think about them. & soon enough, you’ll begin to forget about them all together.

BUT, here is where it gets tricky. What do you do when it comes to mutual friends you share with the person you’re booting? Do you also remove them from your social media world?

This is a piece I’ve been evaluating... but I generally say YES lol. If there’s a chance you may see someone you don’t want to on a mutual friends feed, by all means go with the unfollow. I’ve been actively cleaning up my social media of mutual friends because there’s no reason to potentially subject myself to someone I don’t want to see. I still consider these mutual friends, friends, but removing them from my feed protects my happy.

Regardless of my unfollowing tendencies, there's always the chance people you’re trying to avoid get through; especially if they have some weird fixation on you, #stalkerproblems .

Most everyone has experienced being targeted by someone from their past on social media. Some people break up with their significant other and their ex will actively go out of their way to hang out with that girl or guy they dislike, take a bunch of pictures, and put them all over their profile (yuck). Some people will retweet tweets from the guy or girl you detest when they're mad at you to keep your twitter feed vengefully buzzing (ew). There are many ways to take jabs at people through social media and it can be really, really aggravating.

A couple weekends back, I was going through my Snapchat feed and lo and behold, two rejects I booted out of my life, hijacked a good friend of mine’s phone and began taking pictures of themselves & themselves WITH my friend drawing a HUGE heart around them.

AWWWW. SUPS CUTE GALS! You got through!!

Now, I am human people. I saw this and I was irritated. These girls finagled a Snapchat situation to get to me, even though I’ve been so proactive on making sure this can’t happen.

Luckily, my irritation was VERY short lived. After an exasperating 3 minutes (lol), the snap made its rounds and more information about the situation came out:

1)      My friend was buzzed and didn’t even really know what was going on with his phone

2)      This was at one of the rejects birthday party’s.......

YUP. You read that right. & I repeat, It was the BIRTHDAY PARTY of one of the girls who was trying to get to me


You can’t make this stuff up people! & it continues to be entertaining AF. As you can guess, my attitude took a complete turn from being irritated to amused REAL quick.

SO. Let me get this straight. It is your birthday party, & you are taking my friend’s phone, to get to me??

It is YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY, & you are actively thinking about me??!!!!!!?

LIKE, WHAT?!?!! THAT IS SO SAD LOL LOL!!!? Honey, I’m flattered!!

There's definitely a couple things we can all agree on here; this girl either needs some cake, presents, a boyfriend, a job (babysitting your adult sister does not count), or better friends, because on your birthday, I should be the LAST thing on your mind.

Next time just FaceTime me gals! I’ll sing you a nice little rendition of ¡Feliz cumpleaños!

Outcome of this situation? I removed my good friend from an outlet of my social media feed. Does he care? Nope. Are we still good friends? Yup. But newsflash gals, if I wanted to see those interesting mugs of yours, I wouldn’t have cut you out to begin with.

Call me White Goodman peeps, because I’m dodging you like dodgeballs!

The next time you find yourself in a situation like this, look at the situation as a WHOLE! It generally is really sad for the person on the sending end; they may even be thinking about you at their own birthday party...OUCH.

Don’t ever feel silly for protecting yourself! You don’t want to see someone on your social media feed? Don't! Protect your happy! & if that takes an unfollow, so be it.

Happy blocking! xoxo