STK Denver

BEEF, BUBBLES, & BEATS. We want them ALL! We were ready and rearing to have an EPIC girls night this past weekend and STK came to bat! HUGE shoutout to Steve Gogolab for hosting denv.her. and friends as his guests one again! Needless to say, we had an excellent time at the sexy & modern steakhouse that we cannot get enough of.

STK is one of the hot socialite spots of Denver as everyone is always dressed to the nines, looking to party, and ready to enjoy some phenomenal food. You will always spot high rollers here such as members of Denver Active 20-30, Broncos players, Nuggets players, renowned real-estate moguls, and the list goes on. One of the things that I love about STK is you will ALWAYS meet new and fun friends when you dine here. The vivacious atmosphere makes it impossible to not mingle amongst other tables and make acquaintances. Whether you end up chatting or dancing with someone new, be prepared for an incredibly memorable night.

When dining at STK, you will always start with their puffy, pull apart, bread topped with blue cheese butter and cooked in mini cast iron pans (can you say presentation?). Now this is no ordinary bread; STK serve’s their doughy bread with a chive oil spread that is legitimately out of this world. If you aren’t drenching each piece of bread you have in this chive oil, you’re doing it wrong lol.

Our fabulous server, John, was soon bringing out several of STK’s famous appetizers.

The Hearts of Romaine Market Salad STK offers is always a great light choice to begin the meal. The large hearts of romaine are dressed with parmesan lemon dressing and garlic croutons. Yes please!

The Lil’ Brgs are hands down our FAVIORITE appetizer on STK’s menu. They make these little bad boys with waygu beef that melts in your mouth. The special sauce on the burgers give them a tangy kick that we can’t get enough of. Steve came over while we were devouring our mini burgers and gave us the back story that they actually used to be called Lil’ Big Macs. As STK quickly rose to fame amongst the restaurant industry, McDonalds inevitably sent along a cease and desist letter to Steve as the Lil’ Big Macs were creating A TON of press and stepping on Mcy D’z toes. All I can say is, you know you’re doing something right when you receive a cease and desist letter from McDonalds. Lil’ Brgs, the Big Mac has got nothin’ on ya’ll!!

This was the first meal at STK where we ever tried the Crispy Calamari as an app and it did not disappoint! The calamari has the perfect amount of crunch and spice accompanied by a delicious chili remoulade.

Our second favorite appetizer we were treated to was the Tuna Tartare. This appetizer comes shaped in a sharp, elegant cylinder on top of hass avocado in a soy honey emulsion topped with taro chips. The presentation of this dish is stellar but it doesn’t take long to break into the tuna tartare with a taro chip and dig in. You can always expect the freshest tuna and avocado when ordering the Tuna Tartare; it’s a refreshing app choice that we will go back to EVERY time.

In between enjoying our appetizers and chatting with one another, we were of course singing and dancing the night away as the live DJ kept the atmosphere of the chic lounge moving and grooving. STK is the only restaurant in Denver that doesn’t just allow you to stand on the booths and chairs to dance, they actively promote it! If you’re looking for a boring dinner, this is NOT the place for you. When you come to STK, you better be prepared to celebrate food and fun! Go hard or go home, am I right?!

So were we up on the booths dancing? You know it lol. The DJ dropped ‘Despacito’ and needless to say we went WILD. Ironically enough, ‘Despacito’ has a connotation of a “good vibe feeling”. We were definitely having those lol! Pass the Prosecco please!

It was then time for our main courses.

We were brought STK Sirloins, Boulder Natural Chicken, and the Market Fish of the day.

Everything was delicious but the Sirloins were our favorite! The Sirloins were cooked to perfection per usual and these beautiful pieces of steak present all of the wonderful flavors and textures you look for in a good cut of meat. STK has their steaks down!

The Boulder Natural Chicken is served with aji amarillo, hatch green chilies, golden carolina rice, smoked delicate squash and cilantro. These flavors complement each other really well and this is a good entrée choice for those looking to stay away from the darker meats. The Market Fish entrée, accompanied by giant shrimp and rice, was buttery and flakey and was thoroughly enjoyed by the Pescatarian in our group!

For sides, we were served Mac & Cheese, Parmesan Truffle Fries, Creamed Spinach, and Wild Mushrooms. Yum, yum, yum, yum, YUM people. There is nothing I enjoy more than have a fabulous piece of meat on my fork and multiple sides to pair with it. Mac & Cheese: delectable. Parmesan Truffle Fries: cakey and are served in a beautiful presentation, stacked on top of one another. Creamed Spinach: tastily flavorful. Wild Mushrooms: rich and delicious. When it comes to these sides, we could not pick a favorite; literally could not do it. We loved each and every one. So when you find yourself at STK, definitely splurge and get multiple sides to go with your entrée. You will not be disappointed.

What are you waiting for? Make your reservations at STK today and make sure to tell them that denv.her. sent you!


1550 Market St, Denver, CO 80202

(720) 597-8010