Orange Theory Fitness

Base, push, all-out. If you are not familiar with these terms, you’ve never been to HELL. Lol lol, jk, JK. We’re talking about Orange Theory Fitness people!

Orange Theory Fitness (or OTF as we like to call it) is a coach-led, group workout class featuring workouts on the treadmill/bike, rowing machine, and floor (which includes TRX, free weight, and body weight exercises). The workouts are different each day which definitely keeps you on your toes for what’s coming next. 

There are four different types of workouts you may encounter when attending OTF: endurance, strength, power, or a combination of all three called ESP (endurance-strength-power). OTF cycles through these workouts which assists in muscle confusion; this keeps your muscles guessing and growing.

If you attend OTF; you’ll wear a heart rate monitor during your workout. Your heart rate is displayed on large screens throughout the gym. There are five different ascending color zones that correspond to your heart rate: gray, blue, green, orange, or red. The orange zone is where anaerobic heart rate begins and your goal is to get over 12 minutes in the orange per class in order to experience the “after-burn effect”. The after-burn effect is where you continue burning calories for the next 36 hours after your workout. OTF sends you a snapshot of your stats after each workout so you know how much time you spent in each zone, your max heart rate, and how many calories you burned. 

It’s not just the killer workouts that keep us coming back for more, the coaches play a huge part in the motivational scheme of things! The OTF coaches will push you to your absolute limit; whether that’s pushing you to compete against your personal best or encouraging you to run and lift heavier than you ever have. These coaches truly want you to meet your fitness goals. We might be biased, but we think the coaches at OTF Southglenn are the absolute best (shout out to Brian for putting up with us every Tuesday and Friday)!

Treslyn, our co-founder, has been going to OTF for six months now and has NEVER seen better results from a gym. She has an Unlimited Membership and attends classes 4-5 times per week. She swears by Orange Theory.

HUGE thanks out to our good friends at Soybu who hooked us up with the cutest workout gear! Soybu is a local Colorado company that designs clothing for active individuals on the go.

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The clothes we sampled were perfect for this workout which covered all different types of exercises. Our favorite part about these specific pieces was the mesh detailing. Mesh is SO in right now so the mesh bands around the calves of the leggings as well as the mesh on the Trace Tank Top were on point. 

Treslyn is wearing:
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Emily is wearing:
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Now your first OTF workout is FREE. So what are you waiting for?! Sign up for an OTF class today! Hope to see you there soon and don’t forget to be stylin’ Soybu during that workout!

Orange Theory Fitness Southglenn

6860 South University Boulevard, Unit 140, Centennial, CO 80122

(303) 741-2247

*note: there are Orange Theory Fitness locations all over the country! If you have a membership or package, you can use it at any location. Find your nearest location here.