Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum

So, who else has been watching The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu? Because if you’re not, you should. So far it’s turning into a fabulous TV series!

Quick synopsis? It’s based on Margaret Atwood’s book, The Handmaids Tale. The Handmaids Tale is about a dystopian society where social classes have been instilled and women have little to no rights. The TV series is definitely not following the exact plot line of the book, but so far, the show is turning out to be so much better. I just watched the fourth episode entitled “Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum”. Now what does this TV show or this title have to do with this vent sesh? Don’t worry lol, I’ll get there.

We have been getting a lot of commentary on our past couple of vent sesh’s to say the least. To all of those commenting positively whether that be on the blog, through Facebook, Instagram, or text message, thank you so, SO much for your support. I can’t tell you how much the kind words mean; this blog would not be successful without you! To all of those commenting negatively, I appreciate your passion lol.

In my opinion, criticism is 100% part of becoming successful in any aspect; therefore, having individuals to back you up when you take on a project such as blogging is going to be integral to your success. & this fact doesn’t just apply to blogging; no matter who you are or what endeavor you take on, everyone needs a support system to be successful. And lord knows, there will always be negative Nancy’s on the outskirts finding it fit to throw stones; so make sure you’re surrounded by individuals that will keep you going.

One of my best friends, Emily, just went through the trials and tribulations of medical sales college, AND THEN, went through the trials and tribulations of securing a job in the medical sales industry.

Now for those of you familiar with this industry, it’s no easy feat to get in, BUT it can be done if you’re willing to work hard, have the right mindset, and have a support system.

When Emily first started looking into medical sales, a girl that was in our immediate friend group at the time, I call her Bertha, was the first to tell Emily she could not succeed in this field.

“You have no background experience. You have no networking contacts. You don’t know anyone in the industry. You have to know someone in the industry. You don’t understand how competitive it is. YOU CAN’T DO IT.”

Now who was Bertha to give this advice? Bertha had very minor experience in this field but still found it fit to tell my friend she would fail. & let me tell you something readers, when someone tells you, you can’t do something, that is an IMMEDIATE reflection of their own personal limitations, not yours. DO NOT let someone else’s insecurities keep you from pursuing your dreams.

Naysayers such as Bertha will always be prevalent if you have the notion or the means to be more successful than they are; so I like to think that if someone’s opinion isn’t cutting you a check, cut them from your train of thought.

Emily didn’t take Bertha’s ridicule to heart and her close friends were aggressive not to let her. Why? We wanted this for her and we knew she could do it. What’s more, she knew she could do it. Through every medical sales test and medical sales interview Emily had, we were in the wings cheering her on and supporting her every step of the way.

And guess what? Fast forward a couple of months and not only did Emily secure the position of Valedictorian of her Medical Sales graduating class, she is now working at one of the top medical sales companies in the US.

Where is Bertha? Working at a no-name medical company out of state…

Karma is one funny gal. & oh boy do I love her lol.

Emily’s situation is a perfect example of rising above the naysayers and proving them wrong. She didn’t lash out against Bertha when she was told she couldn’t chase her medical sales dream;, instead she worked hard, relied on those supporting her, and ultimately let success be her noise.

So wait? Huh? What’s that Bertha?

Oh that’s right. WE CAN’T HEAR YOU.

One common thread that I’ve found through this whole blogging endeavor is that the most supportive people generally are the most successful. Unsuccessful people that I’ve been exposed to relentlessly hate, blame and complain not only on their own situation, but on everyone else’s as well. Find a friend group that will motivate, inspire, and push you to get to where you want to be. My friends not only strive for each other to be successful, we demand it.

Moral of the story? Find your support system. & when the haters come out of the woodworks to throw stones at you and your success, I have this advice for you:

Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum.

What does it mean?