Flamethrower, Part 3

Hey babes; so sorry about the delayed post! We were soaking up some rays in Cancun!

Now buckle up those seatbelts because here we go with Flamethrower, Part 3.

Gertrude stalked her way over to me while I was trying to have a somewhat constructive conversation with her drunk friend. So while that conversation was cut short, Gertrude had plenty of her own heated words for me:

“How much do you edit your pictures? You’re 50 pounds heavier in person. I can see you standing right here in front of me. We all sit around and make fun of how much you edit your pictures. Did you get your nose done? Did you get your lips done? Did you get Botox? I want to hear you admit it.”

Alright Gert lol; let’s dance.  

I think everyone who knows me, knows I’ve gotten my nose done. Gertrude was still friends with me when I got my nose done. & I literally have no issue discussing it. I was VERY insecure about how my nose looked for years. I was bullied and called “bird beak” in both high school and college. So guess what? When I had the means to fix it, you bet I had it done! & I’ll openly talk about it with anyone.

YES; I have gotten Botox too (*gasp). Once again, really open about it lol. I had wrinkles forming on my forehead so decided to do something about it. And guess what?! No more wrinkles! I’m a huge advocate and I certainly don’t see myself opting out of that treatment anytime soon.

Have I gotten my lips done? Nope…not yet! JK lol; I don’t plan on getting my lips done because I hear it hurts like a mofo. But is it bad if someone has gotten them done? Absolutely not! If someone gets plastic surgery and they like it; who the hell cares? You do you and if you’re happy and confident with how you look, that’s what matters. 

Hypocritically enough, Gert has had her boobs done.

So if plastic surgery is the name of the game; it’s coming right back at ya. May I suggest a lobotomy to help you out next lol?

At the end of the day, my plastic surgery was for personal reasons that I am more than open to discuss. In my opinion, poor Gertrude got her boobs done in desperate hopes her ex would come back to her. Surprise! He didn’t lol.

While Gertrude was verbally attacking me, I calmly asked her, “What is with the cheap digs?” She couldn’t answer articulately for the following reasons: 

1) she was wasted.
2) she was hoping to get a rise out of me and I wasn’t giving it to her.

Sorry to disappoint you there Gert, I’m not engaging with your drunk ass anymore. Like they say, if you wrestle with a pig, you’re going to get dirty. And what’s more, the pig likes it.

Now as for editing my pictures, YES I edit my pictures! Photoshop apps are incredible tools created by wonderful fairies who want us to look flawless lol. Do you think anyone’s teeth are actually that white?! I also love my filters as much as the next basic betch.

But as to the 50 pounds heavier comment? Not quite sure what to say about that one lol. Know your angles? Or better yet, LOOK OUT HERE I COME!!!


Now, in her rant, Gertrude was foolish enough to disclose that her and her “friends” are sitting around making fun of my pictures. This is SO entertaining to me lol lol. & it doesn’t surprise me at all. This group of girls literally has nothing else better to do and I’m happy to be their main topic of discussion.

But I have a better way for you all to spend your time! Rather than sit around and pick on someone’s exterior experience (PS let me hand you a napkin, the jealousy is seething through your teeth), why don’t you do something to improve yourself instead? Go volunteer! Work on your relationship! Invest in something! That’s what the winners are doing. & we’ll be waving at you from the top for the rest of our lives.

Gertrude also barked the following at me in her attack:

“YOU think you’re better than everyone else!”

Gertrude lol, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent… it’s not my fault you’re consenting REAL hard. & besides, Heather Dubrow said it best. “If you think I’m talking down to you, I probably am; because you’re acting like a moron.”

I ended up walking away from Gertrude’s hateful onslaught because I got what I needed from it. There was always a little doubt in my mind if I did the right thing by walking away from some of these individuals…this exchange removed all uncertainty.

I’ll leave you all with the following quote:

“The first step in crafting a life you want, is to get rid of everything you don’t” – Joshua Becker

Wash your hands of the rejects and move forward!

Till next time!