Flamethrower, Part 2

 Hello beautiful people! & where were we?!

Ahhhh that’s right; Gertrude was berating my husband:

“Why isn’t she friends with us anymore? We’re all still friends and she’s not. Don’t you find that weird? It’s so cold. She just cuts people out and walks away from them. She’s so cold.”

I think Gertrude may need to learn how to, “Let it goooooo, LET IT GOOOOOO!”

Lol. Moving right along.

At this point in life, I have the strong opinion that sometimes cutting people out is necessary for growth. & it doesn’t have to be a bad or “cold” thing. Cutting people out is simply recognizing there are bigger and better things out there and electing to move on. I applaud each and every individual who has the maturity and strength to walk away from someone that threatens their peace of mind, values, and self-worth. It’s not always the easiest thing to do.

Now, the comment “We’re all still friends and she’s not” is humorous to me. I don’t view this group of people as “friends” lol.

Have you guys ever known a group of individuals who incessantly talk bad about one another behind each other’s backs? That’s how these girls are. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, I urge you to think long and hard if that’s the kind of company you want to keep.

I’ll never forget what Gertrude said to one of my friends in college, & I quote:

“That’s just how girlfriends are. They lie and they go behind your back but that’s just how girls are. I know you look for something more in people, but it’s not how it is.”


But SERIOUSLY. What the hell is wrong with this girl lol?!?! This is hands down one of the most disturbing statements I have ever heard to date.

Let me hit you with some knowledge, Gertrude; that is NOT how girlfriends are, that is how YOU are. Girlfriends are not supposed to treat each other like that… EVER.

Ladies, don’t settle for friends who think this way and consider it the norm. It’s certainly not the norm and this is not the type of person you want as a friend; I can tell you that from personal experience.

Gertrude continued her rant:

“She’s a bad person. She’s evil. How can you not see that? She’s not friends with anyone from high school or college anymore. How can you not see she’s a bad person?”

Ross then starts listing several long term friends that I have. About a minute later, Gert cuts Ross off and says: 

“Well I’m not friends with anyone from high school.”

Ross was then able to make the argument that Gertrude was essentially calling HERSELF a bad person based on her issue that I am not friends with anyone from high school. Gert got confused by this testimonial and couldn’t intelligently respond; then Ross asked her how drunk she was lol.

When Gertrude was FINALLY out of absurd things to say to my husband, she found her way over to me.

& this is where it gets vicious.

To Be Continued.