Scout and Molly's

Denv.Her. took over Scout and Molly’s for a fabulous evening of shopping and champs!

This boutique is our go to for shopping in Cherry Creek North and their new buyer is on the up and up with ALL the new latest and hottest trends.
Now, for the dog lovers out there, Scout and Molly’s is named after the founder’s two pups! How much cuter does it get? Scout and Molly’s in Cherry Creek has the cutest vibe with its alternating vibrant pink walls, restored wood tables, and turquoise pebbled chandelier.

The new product in Scout and Molly’s is EVERYTHING. They’re distinctive pieces will have you fashion enthusiasts swooning. They have a solid selection of exclusive clothing that you won’t find at other boutiques in CO; so if you’re looking for a way to express your style uniquely, you’re in luck! You’ll never leave Scout and Molly’s empty handed and will always be able to find a fashionable outfit for brunching, lunching, or hitting the town.

Here are a couple of our favorites pieces we had to showcase:

This boho red dress is SO dreamy. It’s Peach Love CA and is $96!

This blue jumpsuit screams jet-setting. It’s DEX and is $89!

This blue off the shoulder number is a beautiful spring piece. It’s Peach Love CA and is $60!

This white maxi is fabulous for a nautical evening. It’s Black Tape by DEX clothing and is $99!

Side note: you don’t have to go to a special Scout and Molly’s event to get drinks while you shop. This boutique knows it’s customers well and always has their mini bar stocked! So whether you fancy a glass of white or just some water while you find the perfect outfit, the very attentive staff at Scout and Molly’s will make sure you’re not thirsty!

Scout and Molly’s also offers unique and beautiful jewelry. They have a great choker selection and their LUSH geode and druzy pieces are to die for.

So what are you waiting for?! If you need a new outfit for your wardrobe you know exactly where to find it (and us haha) & that’s at Scout and Molly’s!

(PS our outfits pictured here are from Scout and Mollys (DUH lol)! The pink romper is Peach Love CA and is $65. The large geode statement necklace is LUSH and is $78. The printed woven duster kimono is Peach Love CA and is $70. The black lace detail flare tank is DEX and is $49. The short druzy necklace is LUSH and is $54.
Happy Shopping little pixies! XOXO.

Scout & Molly's

2445 E 3rd Ave #2, Denver, CO 80206

(303) 953-2888