The Source - RiNo Yacht Club - QC Malt

RiNo Yacht Club is super cool Denverites. Located in The Source, Rino Yacht Club is a great place for drinks and apps with its open atmosphere and industrial vibe. The exposed brick throughout The Source gives it an aged utilitarian, factory feel that is a beautiful interplay between form and function. The Source itself not only houses RiNo Yacht Club but several other restaurants and shops as well making it a great place to hang out with some friends to shop, grab drinks and eat.
Denv.Her was invited to the Homecoming Party of QC Malt held at Rino Yacht Club introducing their Lemon Shrub and Old Dutch Malt beverages to Denver. I was obsessed with the LED chandelier hanging above RiNo Yacht Clubs bar that gives this place even chiller feels as it blinks and fades against the ceiling’s steel beams.

Guys these malt beverages are delicious. Lemon Shrub tastes like lemon soda and Old Dutch tastes EXACTLY like root beer. Generally alcoholic malt beverages in my opinion will have some sort of unpleasant taste distinguishing it’s not soda and QC Malt has disguised it perfectly as both of these drinks go down as smooth and crisp as a normal soda. Old Dutch was hands down my favorite and I can’t wait to try it with ice cream when it warms up a bit outside!
The cans definitely scream 1950’s advertising and we’re loving the old-fashioned inspired look.

We were super excited to be treated to some QC Malt swag as well! Keep an eye out for these drinks at your local bar or liquor store! They’re a must try.

While enjoying our QC Malt bevs we enjoyed a bite to eat at RiNo Yacht Club.
Their menu is small with only 6 appetizer items to choose from but it’s perfect for the casual Happy Hour and they have great choices.  Two words when it comes to appetizers here people: Deviled Eggs. The presentation is unreal and they taste even better than they look. We also tried the Hush Puppies and the Chicken Nuggs.

The Deviled Eggs come on a sterling silver tray with smoked trout roe and dill pickled mustard seed on top. They are blissfully creamy and I could have ate a dozen of these bad boys easily! One order only comes with four pieces so make sure you enjoy because them because they’re gone before you know it!

The hush puppies which are golden fried corn bread goodness, come with a spicy pepper jelly and remoulade for dipping. The Chicken Nuggs are more or less small juicy tender chicken breasts that are gluten free as they are fried in corn flakes. They come with two sauces both made in house and the aged hot sauce that comes in a small bottle is to die for.

Check it out! & don’t forget to pick up some Lemon Shrub and Old Dutch next time you’re thirsty for that adult beverage.

The Source

3350 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO 80216

(720) 443-1135