Wedding Woes: Will you not be my Bridesmaid? Part 3

Wedding Woes Part 3 here! Get ready for your final serving of my bridesmaid drama, bon appetite!

Once we got back from Vegas, we soon were all trying to decide on the perfect bridesmaid dress. After A LOT of searching, my sister finally found the perfect one. Only catch, it was a little pricey.
AAAAND release the hounds.
Guys I got TORN APART about the price of this dress lol. One girl flat out told me she refused to buy the dress. One girl told me she would never ask this much of her bridesmaids. One girl told me it was dismissive to help her pay (k then I can’t help you lol).

I called my mom and sister crying that night and got the pep talk of my life. Ladies, there is a reason why the bride has to ask her bridesmaids if they will be in the wedding or not. The fact of the matter is, participating in a wedding can be INSANELY expensive. Between the bachelorette party, the bridesmaid dress, bridal shower and wedding accommodations, bridesmaids can easily spend upwards of $500 (and that’s on the low end).
That’s a good chunk of money to dish out and I get it; this is why bridesmaids have the ability to tell the bride “no” when she originally asks if they will be in the wedding. So if you accept the invitation to be a bridesmaid, have the foresight to plan ahead and try to have some money put aside for wedding expenses! Please whatever you do, do NOT give grief to a bride about which bridesmaids dress she picks or how much it is. Believe me, it is absolutely awful and you can bet your bride is already under enough stress from every other angle. The last thing she’ll need is bridesmaid dress drama…so just smile and buy the damn thing lol. & whatever you do, please don’t suggest she use “Rent the Runway” instead.
The wedding was quickly approaching and with what happened in Vegas, there was still some tensions running high in the group. I ended up getting happy hour with one of my bridesmaids which was the first time I had seen her 1x1 since before the Bachelorette party. Everything was going ok until we got to the topic of Vegas:
“It was really hard for me to have fun in Vegas. All of you are in relationships and happy, I used to have that and that’s not fair.”

NOW, what on earth does one say back to that lol? I will preface: there were two other bridesmaids at my Bachelorette party without boyfriends. They had an absolute blast. If you ever feel the need to verbalize that it’s not fair your friends are happy because you aren’t, please just don’t. News flash, life isn’t fair. If you’re defining your happiness by having a significant other, you will never be happy.
So now, once again I ask; what does one say back to a comment like that? I was baffled by the sheer selfishness of the statement. My mind literally flashed to me walking down the aisle, this girl just standing up by the alter pissed, because heaven forbid someone else find happiness since she lost hers. If someone is in your wedding and can’t put on a brave face and put aside their contempt for being single; give them the boot. As the bride, you’ve found your happily ever after! Don’t let anyone, especially a bitter bridesmaid, spoil that. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back; she was out.

Will you not be my bridesmaid?
To all of those reading that have reached out to me with similar situations; I feel for you!!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be cutting someone out of my wedding party, but hey it happens. Weddings bring out the best in some and the worst in others. You’ll find out who your friends are through the process and do not be afraid to protect YOUR day!!
This concludes my dish of the bridesmaid drama. & what did we learn? If you can’t support your bride in her wedding decisions & have her back, move right along and politely decline the invitation to be in the wedding party.
I have one final quote to leave you with today:

A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride – Alfred Lord Tennyson.
Till next time!! XOXO