Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime is easily my favorite seafood spot in Denver. I may be a little biased because this is where Ross and I had dinner prior to him proposing but the cocktails and food are still a reason to keep going back!

Located right in historic Larimer Square, Ocean Prime is a perfect spot to eat and get a feel for Downtown Denver. If you’re in the mood to make the evening more intimate with a group of friends, the restaurant has private glass rooms you can reserve upstairs. We’ve had the chance to eat in one of these rooms and had a fantastic view of Larimer Square.

If you make your way to Ocean Prime on a Friday or Saturday, they have a live pianist and singer that perform downstairs in the bar. You can sit at the piano and enjoy appetizers and drinks while waiting for a table. You also can sing along which I highly recommend lol. If you’re a bad singer like me, just make sure you tip the pianist and singer well.
If you’re the cocktail type, you MUST try the Berries and Bubbles. This specialty cocktail is so refreshing and is brought to you with a piece of dry ice in it making it fizz and simmer! I’m generally not the fancy cocktail type and this drink is not too sweet making it easy to sip on. I can down two... or maybe three no problem!

For salads, go for the Ocean Prime House Salad. I’m obsessed with goat cheese so the house salad is my jam. For apps, surprise surprise, I love the Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli. Seriously if it has goat cheese in it or on it, I’m probably eating it. The calamari and oysters are also very tasty for app choices.

For dinner, Chilean Sea Bass people. Seriously try it; it’s amazing. They serve the Bass on whipped potatoes and top it off with champagne truffle sauce. CHAMPAGNE TRUFFLE SAUCE. What more could you ask for?! They combined two of my favorite things into a sauce and I’ve never been happier!!

 I’ve also had the Maine Lobster and Teriyaki Salmon, which are both good, but to my taste buds, the Sea Bass tops them both. Just ask the staff! They generally always recommend the Chilean Sea Bass as their top pick.

Ocean Prime

1465 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80202

(303) 825-3663