Bamboo Sushi, LoHi

denv.her. was invited to Bamboo Sushi to check out their new HH and dinner specialties as well as enjoy their gorgeous patio. We were really excited to return to the first certified, sustainable sushi restaurant in the world - #tenpoints for Bamboo!

Bamboo's motto is "Sustainably caught, humanely raised, naturally grown. No compromises." and this commitment to quality shines in their food offerings.

The weather is finally cooling down a bit making Bamboo's patio prime for HH & dinner dining. Even as we get into the cooler fall months, Bamboo recently installed large overhead heaters on the patio to make late Fall dining on the patio feasible and v comfortable for customers #niceandtoasty.


Bamboo's Restaurant Leader - Martin - and our waitress - Lily - were absolutely lovely and attended to us while we dined. They both ensured we had information on each dish and that we were enjoying our overall experience. Fabulous service all around!

We had our meal "Omakase" style which is Japanese for - "I'll leave it up to you"!

I highly recommend dining Omakase at Bamboo as you'll get to try things you might not have originally chosen and it gives the kitchen the ability to show you the depths of Bamboo’s menu - this gives you a truly unique dining experience. You can even do a Sake Pairing to go along with your Omakase meal!

We started off our meal with some cocktails - the Mononoke Mule and the Gin Henson - both excellent.


The Mononoke Mule is Bamboo's take on a classic mule and is made with Vodka, lemongrass, ginger, lime, turmeric, mint, rosewater, ginger beer, and angostura bitters.

Despite it's beautiful vibrant orange color, this mule tasted like a true delish mule and was exceptionally refreshing so don't let the intense coloring scare you off. I downed this drink super quick #thirstquencher.


The Gin Henson is made with Gin, muddled basil & cucumber,ginger, and lemon. I'm not a huge gin girl and we loved this cocktail. It was delicious and the gin flavor wasn't overpowering in the least.

For starters, we had the Cauliflower and the Chile Lime Edamame.

The Cauliflower is made with crunchy fried cauliflower, spicy black bean sauce, toasted cashews, and cilantro.


This app took both Kali and I by surprise - it was great! When it first came out, Kali and I actually thought it was chicken - but it was cauliflower! This app really showcases how Bamboo puts a lot of thought into combining flavors for their vegetarian options (which they have a plethora of!). The cauliflower was spicy and had wonderful crunch to it.

Next was the Edamame. You can find Bamboo's Chile Lime Edamame on both the HH and regular menu and if you choose this guy for HH, it will only cost you $3! #score


Lily then brought us out one of Bamboo's current specials - the Albacore Carpaccio with white truffle oil #yesyesyes.

As soon as Lily set this special down, I could smell the truffle oil on the dish #immediatemouthwater.


Bamboo's Albacore Tuna is is caught off of the Oregon coast by trolling/hooks & lines where poles or hooks catch fish in smaller quantities.

The Marine Stewardship Council has certified Bamboo's method of catching Albacore as sustainable fishing with full traceability!


The slices of Albacore were delicious and the truffle, pickled shiitake mushrooms, momiji, ponzu, chervil, and Japanese sea salt complimented the fish v well. RUN and go get this special ASAP before it's gone.

Next up was the 4 piece Nigiri Set which you can also find on Bamboo's HH menu for only $8!


All four pieces of Nigiri were solid - our fav out of this bunch was the Ora King Salmon which we would have more of later!

The Hawaiian Kanpachi Tataki is made with seared kanpachi with thai ponzu, furikake, shallots, garlic, puffed rice, and chili threads. The slices of the Hawaiian Kanpachi had a really nice tender texture and were savory.


The puffed rice added a great crunch to this light and tasty dish! Definitely a favorite.

The Miso-Cured Black Cod is made with Pacific Northwest black cod with yuzu miso, ginger, citrus, micro shiso, and chili oil. & seafood lovers rejoice - Bamboo’s Miso-Cured Black Cod is EVERYTHING a Miso Cod dish should be.


This entree was brought out to us PIPING hot (exactly how Miso Cod should be served) and was melt in your mouth good with all of it’s creamy, sweet, salty and savory goodness. Certainly a highlight of the meal!

We then got down on some more Nigiri that was unreal & fresh, fresh, fresh, fresh!!! ... #fresh lol

The Sweet Shrimp Nigiri is potted & trapped in Canada and then seared with garlic butter before serving.


Such a nice sweet flavor to this nigiri and the garlic butter left us licking our lips. The heads of the shrimp were deep fried and can be eaten if you so choose!

The Scallop Nigiri is from Nova Scotia and Canada and is seared then served with yuzu vinaigrette & yuzu kosho.


The Scallop Nigiri was really good quality - tender & sweet with a clean finish!

The Ora King Salmon Nigiri is always one of Bamboo's standouts and was up next!

Bamboo’s Ora King Salmon is caught in open net pens in New Zealand and then served with orange, olive oil, lemon zest, and sea salt.


#NOM - melt in your mouth, beautiful coloring and a hearty piece of salmon!

We concluded our meal with some more cocktails! The Queen Bee and the Pacific Lotus.

The Queen Bee is made with Toki whisky, courvoisier, benedictine, lemon, yuzu, orange bitters, and bee pollen - that's right, bee pollen!


This cocktail was beautiful and Kali really enjoyed it. I am not a whisky drinker so opted for the Pacific Lotus.

If you like whisky, you will adore this Queen Bee cocktail! & the bee pollen makes for great flavor notes with the whiskey and a nice rich texture while enjoying.


The Pacific Lotus is made with Tequila, Thai chile infused saké, triple sec, crème de violette, and lime.

IT'S SO PRETTY. But seriously lol, such a pretty cocktail - I'm a sucker for a flower garnish & the taste matched looks - this cocktail was tart and sweet! #yesplease

HUGE thanks to Bamboo Sushi in LoHi for having us in. Your commitment to sustainable food offerings is unrivaled, your service great, and your food & drinks delicious! We will be back very soon to enjoy more fab times on that patio!

Kanpai <3!

Bamboo Sushi LoHi

  • HOURS: Dinner: 5:00pm - 10:00pm, Happy Hour: 5:00pm - 6:00pm

  • Address: 2715 17th St. Denver, CO 80211

  • Phone: 303-284-6600