denv.her. was invited into Acova for appetizers & wine slushees (#umYAS) - & we were super excited to check out this restaurant in LoHi!


Acova means Nest in Italian - & upon entering Acova, you are greeted by three friendly ostriches, exposed brick, lush hanging planters, and fresh decor.


Acova has a V refreshing ambiance and it's a place you definitely want to stay and hang out - the space is attractively youthful and the staff is just lovely (shoutout to GM Jess and our waitress who made our meal super enjoyable and fun)!

We were seated in the cutest booth with some great white decals imprinted into the wall.


To start us off, we had two of the The Misty’s!



The Misty is an organic red + white mixed slushee.

This is the perfect summer drink to combat the summer heat & it's so pretty. You can enjoy one of Acova's refreshing and cool Mistys outside on their patio and really enjoy the summer weather.

For appetizers, we had the the Seared Ahi + Herb Polenta Cakes, the Diablo Eggs, and the Potato + Cheese Pierogis.


The Seared Ahi + Herb Polenta Cakes is made with seared tuna, parmesan polenta cakes, spicy carrot-jalapeño slaw, lime, and rice wine vinaigrette.

Talk about a beautifully plated dish & this appetizer has such a fun story behind it!


The Seared Ahi + Herb Polenta Cakes came to fruition during an interview with an Acova kitchen hopeful - the owner's asked said interviewee to head into the kitchen and create an appetizer in "Chopped" fashion. A twist to this request? The interviewee could only use ingredients that were already in the kitchen #challengextended. The interviewee headed into the kitchen (#challengeaccepted) and created the Seared Ahi + Herb Polenta Cakes. Acova's owners were v impressed by this ad hoc app and in turn, made it into a staple item on their menu! It continues to be one of their most popular dishes #winnerwinner!

The Seared Ahi + Herb Polenta Cakes were both Emily and I's favorite - it was garden-fresh, light weight, and satisfying. #moreplease!

The Diablo Eggs are made with whipped eggs, house hot sauce, fresh herbs, and prosciutto crumbs.


I'm a sucker for deviled eggs and Acova's didn't disappoint. We enjoyed the subtle spice of the hot sauce in the eggs - it wasn't overpowering and had just the right amount of zing. We also enjoyed the crunch of the prosciutto crumbs.

The Potato + Cheese Pierogis are made with potato's and cheese and then smothered in a decadent sauce made with with bacon, onions, mushrooms, red bell pepper, sour cream, and herb butter.


This was my first time having Pierogis and they were great - it's a hearty dish and a great "comfort food" appetizer.

Huge thanks to Acova for having us in - we can't wait to join you all to dine again soon! See you there Denver babes and make sure to tell Acova that denv.her. sent you!