SculptMed - SculpSure treatment

Readers it’s finally time!

I know most of of you have been following my SculptMed + SculpSure journey on IG - & the results are freaking IN.

SculptMed offers SO many amazing services and SculpSure was the first one I wanted to try out.


& as seen above, they have a killer sense of humor lol - so 10 more points.

Recap - SculpSure is non-invasive laser body contouring that burns/kills fat cells. SculpSure is a safe and innovative way to target stubborn, fatty areas on your body where you want to lose excess weight. SculpSure is also a way to target areas that you really want to tone up (fitness competitors - this one is for you!).

I really wanted to target the stubborn, fatty area right below my belly button on my stomach. Even when I’ve been at my thinnest - that’s always been a problem area for me.

The results from SculpSure are permanent - the fat cells die and clear out of the body.

^fat cells post Sculpsure #d-e-d ded.

There is no downtime required after SculpSure and it’s as easy as scheduling a treatment at SculptMed during your lunch hour and heading back into work post-treatment. This is what I did and it was #convenientAF .

My SculptMed medical technician - Liz - was SUCH a doll and I made sure I had all the information I needed before I committed to the treatment.


My SculptMed + SculpSure sessions started back on April 3rd when I had my ‘before’ photos taken and completed my first SculpSure treatment that same day.

I then went back 5 weeks later in May for my second SculpSure treatment.

I then waited 14 weeks until August, to go back for my ‘after’ photos.

The entire Sculpsure process is about 100 days when doing two treatments - this gives the lasered (and now dead) fat cells ample time to exit the body.

2-3 SculpSure treatments are recommended for optimal results. I have done 2 so far.


The SculpSure machine looks like this:


The machine reminded me of that Doctor Octopus cyborg man from Tobey Maguire’s Spider Man days.

Wear work out clothes or comfies (also known as, comfy clothes) for the treatment - you want to be comfortable and your body will be sweating in the chair as the lasers are doing their thing.

Your SculptMed medical technician will help you put on the SculpSure belt, across the area that is going to be treated - the square openings are where the lasers get locked in.


Once the belt is secured to your body and you lie down in the chair, your tech will snap the laser applicators into place.

The applicators will be directly up against your skin - they will not burn your skin.


The 22 min treatment will begin!

I recommend watching a show on your phone to keep your mind off the treatment or bringing a friend to chat with during the procedure. My sister was with me for the first round to keep the conversation going and for my second treatment, I caught up on a RHOBH epi and chatted with Liz.




How much does SculpSure cost?

SculpSure price varies dependent on the area you are looking to treat - SculptMed offers FREE consultations to figure out that pricing! Schedule your free consult today - (720) 575-2683 .

But I know a lot of you want a ballpark of cost - so if you were going to go into SculptMed to do the exact same SculpSure treatment I did, and do the one front area of your stomach for two treatments with all four applicators, that total cost comes out to $1160 (breaks down to $580/treatment).

How long is each treatment?

About 22 minutes.

How many SculpSure applicators were used?

All four applicators were used during my sessions.

Does SclupSure hurt?

It’s certainly not pleasant, but on the pain scale, (1 being barely any pain and 10 being excruciating) I would label it about a 4. The pain from SculpSure is more annoying than anything - I would compare the pain to a hot pinching sensation or a stomach ache/cramps. It really is bearable and once you see the results, it’s worth that 22 min stomach ache.

I did allow Liz to heat up the lasers to their highest setting (Zone 4) - the highest heat is when you get the best results #mopain #mogain.


Did you workout?


There has to be a way for the dead fat cells to exit the body after SculpSure treatment and sweating is one of them. Peeing is another lol (so make sure you’re drinking lots of water during your treatment months! And just like in general…because water is good for you #stayhydratedfam).

Getting a workout in had become difficult for me prior to April because 1) I didn’t want to wake up early and go to the gym (#sleepislife) and 2) I didn’t want to drag myself to the gym after work (#letiredlife). So, I started working out at my office gym during my lunch break - I’ve found it’s a great way to break up the day and it now has become part of my weekly routine.

After my first & second SculpSure treatments, I was working out at least 3-5 times a week (never more than 5). Those workouts consisted of 60 minutes worth of cardio. That’s it.

For the 60 minutes worth of cardio - I would either do interval training on the treadmill or the elliptical.

The interval training on the treadmill varies speed from 4.0-4.8 (speed walking). I do 6 min intervals, starting at an incline of 4 (6 mins here), then to an incline of 10 (6 mins here), then to an incline of 12 (6 mins here). You do these incline intervals 3 times. The final 6 minutes of the workout, I come back down to an incline of 4 at a speed of 3.5-3.8 to cool down. These interval sessions can burn between 500-700 calories dependent on selected speed.

Now, an hour on the treadmill can be daunting (and boring), so make sure to Bravo, Netflix, or Hulu it up! Make it fun! It’s really easy to get through a workouts when you’re watching one of your fav shows.

On elliptical days, I do 60 minutes at an incline of 10 and at a resistance of 10. Each 5 mins, I reverse peddle for one minute and then continue to peddle forward until the next 5 min mark (5, 10, 15, 20 etc you get the jist). On elliptical days I consistently burn around 600 calories.

I charted a lot of these workouts on my IG under my SculptMed stories - check it out @denv.her

Did you change your diet?

NO - I love food. & a large part of denv.her. is reviewing restaurants so trying to alter my diet wasn’t really an option.


AND even if it would have been an option, I wouldn’t have wanted to lol - dieting #sucks. This is another reason why SculpSure has been a life saver.

Are you going to do a third treatment?

Most definitely. 3 treatments will give the best results and will tone my stomach area further. I plan on scheduling my 3rd treatment in Sept or Oct.

Does SculpSure work?

Hell yeah it does!


NOW - you ready for these results readers?!!!!

& I already know I’m going to get haters commenting on my ‘before pictures’ - & all I can say to the nasties out there? I KNOW. I was fluffy as f*******cccck lol.

I 100% let myself go from Jan - April and the before pictures show it. Sitting at a desk for 8+ hours a day, not working out, and eating whatever you want doesn’t bode well for the body. However, SclupSure was the kick start my body needed to get summer ready and boy oh boy did it work!

I lost 12 pounds through this process.

Let’s take a look at the slim down:


Crazy right???? & to say I’m pleased with the results would be a HUGE understatement.


I’d love to see another 5-10 come off after the 3rd treatment - I’ll keep you all in the loop on those results!

HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to SculptMed and all their amazing medical techs who invited me in & partnered with me on this collaboration!!

You all are truly so wonderful! I will be back for more of SculptMed’s amazing offerings (those B12 shots are the best) and for one more Sculpsure treatment!

Book your free consult at SculptMed today kittycats and make sure to tell them that denv.her. sent you!!



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