Spanky's Roadhouse

Who doesn't love a good milkshake in the heat of summer? Moreover, who doesn't love a good BOOZEY milkshake in the heat of summer?

You heard that right!



denv.her. was invited into Spanky's Roadhouse to give their appetizers and boozey milkshakes a rundown. This is a great diner to chill with friends, grab some drinks and pub grub & watch your favorite sports teams throw-down.


Pub grubbin’ time - bring on the apps!

We ordered the Brussels Sprouts, the Amazeballs, the Pretzel Bites, and the Chicken Nachos.


The Brussels Sprouts are generously coated in sweet & spicy sesame sauce and then sprinkled with goat cheese (#goatcheese #goatcheese #yesplease).


These brussels sprouts are bomb readers - huge hit with the girls and I - we weren't really expecting them to be our favorite app, but they came out on top!

The brussels sprouts were roasted perfectly and this was a delicious sweet and savory side. ALSO, anything that has goat cheese on it - sign us right up. We happily inhaled this dish #baibrussels.

The Amazeballs are breaded mac n’ cheese balls filled with applewood bacon, jalapeño, and served atop Spanky’s homemade queso.


V good balls…

but seriously lol lol v good balls - & all dirty jokes aside, these mac n' cheese balls disappeared quickly and we loved how Spanky's paired this app with their tasty homemade queso.

The Pretzel Bites & Queso are warm pretzel bites served with Spanky’s pork green chili & homemade queso blend.


Tasty tasty app and pairing their pretzels with queso is a fun twist rather than just doing a standard cheese sauce.

The Chicken Nachos (can sub chorizo or steak) come with tortilla chips drizzled with homemade queso, chicken, fresh jalapeños, pickled red onions, radish, cilantro, applewood bacon, and avocado lime crema.


If you can't tell by now, the girls and I are big queso fans lol #yoquieroqueso. Literally 3 out of the 4 apps we ordered incorporated Spanky's homemade queso and we def weren’t mad about it.

The Chicken Nachos were solid and are a great choice if you are dining with several people and want an app large enough to share,

For boozey milkshakes, we went for the Chocolate Chip Cookie Shake with Bailey’s, the Funfetti Cake Mix Shake with Vodka, and the Vanilla Shake with Blue Moon and Amaretto.

Like, who doesn’t want to adult-ify their dessert with some alcohol???!

The Chocolate Chip Cookie shake is made with vanilla ice cream, whole milk, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chips.


Then add Bailey's and the whipped cream, cookies and cherry for topping and this milkshake is ready for drinking.

The Funfetti Cake Mix shake is made with vanilla ice cream, whole milk, and Funfetti Cake Mix. Then add the vodka!


The Funfetti Cake Mix Shake was all three of our favorites!

The Vanilla Shake is made with vanilla ice cream and whole milk - then, Taryn took an interesting and creative turn - & added Blue Moon and Amaretto to her shake …she really enjoyed it so that's what counts haha!


Spanky’s offers a build-your-own milkshake option with 21 ingredient choices! So, if you want to be an adventurous milkshake designer like Taryn lol, Spanky’s has you covered.


If you want some fresh summer fruit in your shake, Spanky’s has a new Peach Cobbler Milkshake you can get your paws on. The Peach Shake is Spanky’s newest milkshake addition and it's made with Colorado peaches, vanilla ice cream, whole milk and caramel, and topped with whipped cream, streusel crumble and more caramel.

Thanks to Spanky’s for having us in and when you go and check it out readers, let them know that denv.her. sent you! #theirmilkshakesbringalltheboystotheyard

Spanky’s Roadhouse

  • Address: 1800 E Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80210

  • Phone: (303) 733-6886