Smallcakes, a cupcakery and denv.her. ‘s go to for all cakes and cupcakes alike!

We seriously love this place Denverites. Not only are the bakers insanely talented, they are such fun human beings (shout out to Molly Witt, @magicmolllymoll)! The bakers really put their heart and souls into each delicious creation and we adore working with them.


Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Raspberry Coconut, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Cream, Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter, and Boston Cream Pie.

Just LOOK at all those gorg cupcakes - & I can confirm, they taste as good as they look.

My fav? UGH actually so hard to choose because I’m not lying when I say all of them are sinfully tasty - I’m a sucker for Boston Cream Pie though so we’ll give the BCP my gold star this time around!


Pricing for full size cupcakes are $3.99/piece and you can order a box of a dozen for $34. Pre-ordering is highly recommended as Smallcakes is v popular - they are the #1 gluten and dairy free cupcakery in Denver!

Needing a custom cake? Smallcakes has you covered - the Smallcakes bakers can virtually create anything your heart (and stomach) desires.

It was just my best friend’s birthday and we ordered her a BBQ Grill cake because she loves (and I mean LOVES lol) her meats. Take a look!


INCREDIBLE am I right?!

The detail from the steak, to the grill to the mini hamburger on the side was just amazing. The cake tasted delicious too as Smallcakes used icing for the ENTIRE thing!!!! No fondant was used (which is awesome because fondant isn’t something most want to eat.)

All custom cakes must be ordered at least 72 hours in advance & price will vary based on size and detail (can range from $38 - $130 to give you a general idea).

Head to Smallcakes today and make sure to tell them that denv.her. sent you!

Smallcakes - Baking Happiness Daily

  • Address: 34 E Allen St #300, Castle Rock, CO 80108

  • Phone: (303) 688-2253