So I've been sitting on a story for awhile now - which honestly is super out of character for me. 

You all have seen several vents hit the blog when I'm angry. Writing a vent sesh is easy when emotions are that high...when the anger is so fresh and so palpable you can taste it. But it certainly doesn't boast for the most pragmatic material.  

So I decided to take a different approach this time around. Why? 

Because this one hurt...




I needed time to process and ultimately heal from it all. & I wanted to look back at this situation through very clear eyes.

Where the emotions have settled.

Where the memories are complete.

Where you as the reader, can make an informed opinion.

So here we are, several months out of the wreck - the pieces of my heart these friendships obliterated are well stitched back together & I'm ready to recount one of the most bizarre situations I've been through.

It's time.

Sharpé Brohz and Dudley Der

PLEASE, step up for your warm introductions.

Welcome, my dear, dear friends.