Chapter 1, Faye

Three texts from Sharpe I didn't respond to for reference:


Also Sharpe - you had been unemployed for almost a year and you’re worried about PTO??? Stellar career sweetheart, love the ambition.

But let's get started with this next vent & bear with me babes - before we get into the good stuff, I have to explain this backstory.

Sharpe and I's friendship was in a precarious spot prior to her calling me to take the #ventsesh down - & believe it or not, the crack in our friendship started with Faye.

A quick attempt to make these connections slightly less confusing for y'all: 

  • Sharpe and Dudley - girlfriend + boyfriend.

  • Faye and boyfriend - boyfriend is one of Dudley's best friends

  • Faye and Sharpe - strained acquaintances

When I started hanging out with Sharpe, Faye was brought onto the radar.

Now, Faye and I have some similar interests. We both love fashion. She's a girl's girl. I blog... & despite her not blogging she seems to really like bloggers lol. So when we started seeing each other around more, the basis of a possible friendship was there.

One night when Sharpe and I were hanging out, I let her know Faye and I were planning on getting drinks. This didn't sit well Sharpe. 

Why? Sharpe had tried countless times to get drinks with Faye to no avail - so the fact that Faye would want to hang out with me and not her, sent Sharpe into a tizzy.

Sharpe told me that night to not get drinks with Faye - Faye wasn't a good person. Faye had a thing for Dudley. Nobody liked Faye but tolerated her because of her boyfriend. - & I listened to Sharpe because my loyalty was to her.

As the months went on, Sharpe and Faye's relationship didn't get better.

Prior to a red rocks concert, Faye asked me to be mean to Krusty Pam on the party bus. Sharpe overhead this and told Faye, no.

"Be mean to her!" "Don't be mean to her!"

Like excuse while I cut my losses and start being mean to both ya'll bozos instead.

Anywho, Faye and Sharpe ended up getting into a fight on the party bus after the red rocks show.

A couple weeks later, Faye unfortunately had a family loss. Sharpe texted Faye her condolences, as did I.

Sharpe then started GEEKING out, when she found out Faye had texted me back & not her.

Sharpe, you don't text someone condolences in hopes to get a response - you text them in hopes to ease their sadness. You’re delusional.

So, Sharpe calls me ALL upset about Faye and how I was "choosing the right side" by not hanging out with her, yada yada yada. & here's where I f*cked up. Faye had DM'd me, saying some questionable things about some of Sharpe's friends. I ended up showing these DM's (choosing the “right” side and all) which led to a huge blow out at a charity event. Final straw there - Faye's niceties to me were over & the door was now wide open for Sharpe to run in and save the day.

Following the DM debacle, Sharpe goes and gets coffee with Faye.

My thoughts exactly.

Sharpe had been b*tching about this girl for the past 5 months. Now all of the sudden they are getting coffee? Sharpe swore she was doing this because of Dudley's relationship with Faye's boyfriend. I don't think this is true. I think Sharpe was desperately seeking validation and acceptance - this was a stepping stone to get in Faye’s good graces and she eagerly took it.

To add insult to injury, a couple weeks later, Sharpe adds me to a group text WITH Faye and Faye’s friends. 

The second I got added to this group text, EVERYONE stops responding.

Now, do I care Faye didn't want me in a group text? No, lol. Like #noshit she didn't want me in a group text, she didn't like me.

Do I care Sharpe would deliberately put me into a group text with Faye where my feelings were on the line? MOTHERF*CKING YES.

Readers let me ask, would a close friend of yours ever put you in a group text with someone who hates you? I’m guessing the answer to that is no. & the more I go over all of this, maybe Sharpe is dumb. Like maybe she really is this stupid. 

Anyways, I get added to that group text. Everyone stops responding. Sharpe's text to me:




Our convo continued:


You had my back Sharpe?? I know for a fact you didn’t. & this is where my concern about Sharpe and I's friendship grew - she had pushed me to have beef with someone, made-up with that someone herself, and now was putting me in a situation to get my feelings hurt by that same person.

This taught me an important lesson: 

Don't EVER front for anyone, who won't front for you.


Another gal from that same group text, texted me directly:


Unnecessary drama indeed.

But Sharpe was still one of my best friends & for my better lack of judgement, I loved her. I wasn't going to let this situation derail our relationship. I just needed to talk to her. I let Sharpe know I wanted to talk to her in person so I could explain how I was feeling - we never got that chance. The first time I would see Sharpe would be at The Event. 


The Event that was the day after Sharpe & Dudley Der made their late night phone call to me asking to take the #ventsesh down.

This day would change everything.

To Be Continued - Chapter 2, The Event.