HOLY SH*T readers.

Could I have asked for a better set up yesterday?!

Freaking gold mine lol. 

So let's begin with the text that launched 1,000 DM's.


Notice the blurred out information. 

I keep my subjects anonymous because these vent sessions are simply opinion pieces -if Sharpé Brohz wants to balls to the wall, come out and name herself - oh you mental ray of pure delusional sunshine!

I am SO. SO. f*cking here for it.

Starting with the text above.

I haven't spoken to Sharpé since November of last year. Since I stopped talking to this girl, she has texted me 5 times and DM'd me 5 times with no response. 

These attempts included wanting to hang out, music references, outfit compliments, etc.

I ask you as the audience - if a friend goes totally dark on you, and stops responding to TEN attempts to reach out - would you EVER think that you and that friend were ok?? 

Moreover, if you reached out to that friend 10 times with NO response back, wouldn't you try to figure out what was wrong? Wouldn't it be natural to send a message along the lines of  -

“Why aren't you getting back to me?"

or “Hey, is something wrong?”

or even better “What else did you find out?”

I got no such inquiries from Sharpé. 

I attributed Sharpé not asking what was wrong, to her probably knowing two more individuals came forward in November and revealed she was still running around stabbing me in the back - but then, she hit me with that asinine text earlier this week.

So what is it Sharpé? Are you actually THAT unintelligent, that you can reach out to me 10 times unanswered and think that we are “good”??? I truly just thought you were mental and a sh*t friend, I didn't know you were dumb too!

After this week, I hope you can somehow wrap your brain around the fact that you and I, are most certainly not good. #losemynumber.

You weren't able to take accountability for anything that went down when it did - & I was too broken, too weak to put you in your places when I should have. But I'm here now to make you look yourself dead in the mirror. I don't suffer fools lightly - here's to hoping my back didn't hurt your knife.

You all remember the vent I pulled in July (ya’ll want that back up by the way?)? Well that little piece of literature caused quite a stir - & not with the people I had anticipated.

That vent went up & at first, it was all fine and dandy in the Denver gossip stream - but as Sharpé Brohz and Dudley Der drank throughout the day (#whatarejobs)

These two got themselves all worked up and decided to give me a call as I was trying to go to bed (#avoidscreenshots2018).

Sharpe (losing the acute é) started out the call with a squeaky voice -

"A lot of people are really upset...about the needs to come down" 

I found this beginning statement V odd. Sharpe had texted me earlier on in the day about how hilarious the post was and how she, and everyone else loved it - so who exactly was she referring to? What had changed in the past 8 hours aside from her sobriety?

"A lot of people are upset??? Who?" 

Sharpe seemed really reluctant to tell me who exactly was so upset - I credit that to her 1) being drunk 2) being too cowardly in the moment to outright say what she wanted.

Sharpe at first blamed a friend of hers for being upset. 

Do I think Sharpe's friend was ACTUALLY upset with the ventsesh? No. I think it dredged up old feelings of a lost friend and THAT was difficult for her. If Sharpe's friend was TRULY upset about the blog - she would have gotten in touch with me directly - that girl ain't no little betch. 

To further my point and my confusion - two of the girl's BEST friends had already texted me that night applauding the vent - & they weren't privy to their friend being upset with the blog at all - it was news to them too.

So what exactly were Sharpe and Dudley getting at? If the friend they were referring to, really wasn't as upset as they were letting on, who exactly were they trying to protect?

Now we get to the crux of this convo - Sharpe went into how it was Faye's birthday. Neither Faye nor her boyfriend had seen the vent yet - it needed to be pulled before then.

& here is where the fog started to clear for me - Sharpe and Dudley weren’t trying to protect their friends at all - they were scared of the fallout this vent may cause for them - they were trying to protect themselves.

To Be Continued - Chapter 1, Faye