13th Floor, Haunted House

You ready to scream Denver?!!!

13th Floor is now open to the public and you're not going to want to miss this epic haunted house!


Not only does 13th Floor offer a haunt unlike any that you'll find in Denver, they also have numerous additional activities you can experience when you visit - the Mini Escape room, the Sensory Overload blackout maze, Class Axe (axe throwing), and the spookiest bar around - The Shriekeasy!

The Shriekeasy offers fun Halloween cocktails to enjoy and is a great place to drum up some liquid courage before taking on one of the scariest haunted houses in Denver.


13th Floor's haunt blew us away this year readers.

Not only was it scary AF, the visuals, optical allusions, and overall inter-activeness of the entire haunted house is executed phenomenally. It's an incredible production and we HIGHLY recommend going!

Be prepared for clowns, demigorgons, & spooks galore!

Get your tickets here!

& when I say optical allusions readers - there are some rooms in the haunt that are trippy AF! There's this spinning light tunnel room and I legit thought we were going to fall off of this bridge and plummet into nothingness lol - I was holding on and screaming for my life and subsequently seatbelted Cristine back into the railing with my arm because I thought she was falling too.

& update - we didn’t fall to our deaths lol. & this light tunnel room was epic once I realized it was just an optical allusion and could still walk.

There’s also a mirror maze and a haunted swamp you’ll have to navigate through!

One of my favorite parts of haunted houses? Seeing everyone’s different reactions lol. Cristine was the lookout spotting the scaries before they popped out. Emily was the laugher. Marcie was the runner. & I was the look down and repeat “It’s ok, it’s ok” incessantly lol.

Recommendation from the denv.her. crew when attending 13th Floor? Do not wear heels of any kind lol - there are a lot of areas in the haunt where you have to ascend or descend over bridges and platforms and you'll want a good steady shoe that won't promote toppling over -especially since you're booking it through the haunt 95% of the time to get away from the possessed clown or the evil surgeon with an octopus coming out of his face. Two of our content creators wore heeled booties and they def had a harder time trying to RUN over uneven surfaces - but we all made it out in one screaming piece and avoided the aliens & the madman with the chainsaw.

Stayin’ alive - stayin’ alive!

Sidenote - Marcie also made it out with all of her hair even though I yanked her back by it at one point because she was leaving me lol lol. #getbackhereandprotectme

Once you finish the haunt, the Mini Escape room, the Sensory Overload blackout maze, and Class Axe are great places to spend some more of your time!

The Mini Escape will have one of the members in your group locked up in a cage and your team will have to work diligently to release your friend, and then work all together to escape the room as a whole! ...we lost lol. Waaawaaaa.

For the Sensory Overload blackout maze - we got about 10 steps in and chickened out - SOS someone send us some courage please! It was legit pitch black and with two of the gals wearing heels, we tapped out of that real quick lol.

Class Axe is axe throwing & this is such a fun activity to add to your night! You will be taught how to chuck an axe at a target and can compete against your friends for the highest score!


Get ready for an Axe-ellent time (…see what I did there?)

Huge thanks to 13th Floor and Ellis Communications Marketing for having us! We had such a spooky time and will be back this season!

See you there Denverites and get ready for a hauntingly good time!

13th Floor Haunted House

  • 3400 East 52nd Avenue Denver, CO 80216