Uchi Denver


Uchi Denver - we heard rumblings going around that Uchi is now, the best sushi restaurant in Denver. Could it be so??

After visiting Uchi last night, we VEHEMENTLY agree. Uchi, you have left us gobsmacked, in the BEST way possible. Uchi is not your normal food affair & puts itself in an entirely different stratosphere of restaurant that the Denver scene desperately needed.

Upon arrival, we were enveloped in Uchi’s bustling and warm Japanese ambiance - from the hostess to the wait staff, everyone was attentive, on-point, and knowledgeable about every aspect of Uchi.

We were seated at the marble top, sushi bar in front of our sushi chef, Kelsey. This is the first sushi restaurant in Denver where I have seen not only one female sushi chef behind the bar, but TWO. #BOSSBABES. & bravo to Uchi for continuing to break the predominantly male, sushi chef mold.

Kelsey came from the Uchi in Austin and her passion for the restaurant and it’s food was evident from the moment we sat down - it was truly a joy to see her working behind the bar and she is remarkable at what she does.


Uchi sources their impeccable seafood from around the globe - they even have a hydroponic greenhouse situated above the restaurant for their herb and vegetable needs! You will see Uchi’s food quality and detail in each dish you order.

Generally at sushi restaurants, there is a plethora of sauces provided - soy sauce, spicy mayo, sriracha, you name it. The sushi and sashimi served at Uchi is SO fresh and garnished & seasoned SO perfectly, NO. SAUCE. IS. NEEDED (& that my friends is a phrase I never thought I would say).

Up first? Madai -Japanese Sea Bream.


UN-FREAKING-REAL - melt in your mouth goodness with gorgeous presentation (just look at that color variation on the sea bream)!

Finding Madai on a sushi menu is always a treat #mustorder (which let’s be real, everything we had during this meal we would order again in a heart beat).

Next up was the Namahotate - Dayboat Scallops.


SO FRESH - melt in your mouth buttery goodness. #mustorder

We then were the brought the Machi Cure - smoked yellowtail, yuca crips and marcona almonds.


NOM. This lil ditty you can eat with your hands - per Kelsey, “like nachos!” & these are the best nachos we’ve ever had lol.

Grab a yuca crisp, make sure you have a generous piece of hamachi on there with some marcona almonds, and eat your heart out - salty & sweet! Great contrasting textures with the crisp yuca chip against the hamachi. This is everything a complex sushi dish should be #mustorder

Up next was the Uchi Salad - daikon, cashew pesto, wild rice panko, and baby greens


Uchi means house in Japanase so this is their version of a house salad!

We were directed to eat the salad with our hands like we did with the Machi Cure - & the little salad bundles made for easy eating. The salad was on point and the dressing was delish. #mustorder

Bring on the Kosho Crudo - tuna, poblana, asian pear, and chili.


What a symphony of sweet and spice!

The sweet pear with the tuna, & kick of the chili really were perfect together - I always enjoy a good dish with opposing flavors #mustorder

Ora King - Salmon


Served with a v flavorful creme fraiche, this salmon was on point.

Next was the Hama Chili - yellowtail, ponzu, thai chili, and orange supreme.


The yellow tail with the orange slices makes for a LOVELY flavor combination - a refreshing & bursting with citrus cold dish option.

Lobster Sushi.


Sourced from Maine and prepared to buttery warm perfection - Kelsey surprised us with this treat as it was not on the menu. Make sure to ask your waitress/waiter if the lobster sushi is an option when you dine, because it is mouthwatering if they have it. #mustorder

Kinoko Nabe - mushroom, koshihkari rice, mushroom tentsuyu, and egg yolk


Oooooh the warm, savory goodness here frans. This is the type of dish you obsessively crave when it’s chilly AF outside (and lucky for us, it is lol) so dig in!

Per the wait staff, we let our rice cook for about 30 seconds in the hot stone pot to make it nice and crispy before devouring. #mustorder

Hot Rock - wagyu beef and ponzu


I’ve yet to meet a wagyu I didn’t like - cook to your desired temp on your very own, piping hot rock!

Hirame Usuzukuri (say that one five times fast lol #gesundheit!) - thinly-sliced flounder, candied quinoa, and olive oil


Unique and delicious with bright clean flavors and just LOOK at that presentation! SO refreshing #mustorder

Gyuotoro - 72 hour short rib




Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard, but readers - good God this dish - it SHOOK us.

Kelsey gave the Gyuotoro to us last and told us she couldn’t bear to see us leave without trying it. She called this one from a mile away. I have NEVER tasted short rib like this in my life - The Gyuotoro, wagyu short rib, is braised for 72 hours and is the most savory, melt-in-your-mouth meat . 100% palate changing and a hardcore #mustorder

Jasmine Cream - cilantro granita (shaved ice), pineapple, and honey crumble


This is a dessert we NEVER would have ordered without the guidance of Kelsey - & it was an impeccable sweet & refreshing treat unlike anything Treslyn and I have ever tasted. & we ate. every. single. bite. #mustorder


we are THRILLED to crown you as the best sushi spot in Denver and our new FAVORITE restaurant.

bow down.gif


THANKYOU, THANK YOU, to the incredible Uchi team for hosting denv.her. for the night - you all are going to be seeing A LOT more of us.

  • Uchi Denver

  • Address: 2500 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80205

  • Menu: uchidenver.com

  • Reservations: uchidenver.com, opentable.com

  • Phone: (303) 444-1922