Perception VS Reality

Hi guys.

Everyone is the main character of their own story.

This thought came from a late night discussion a couple weeks back and it has stuck with me since - because it's SO true. Everyone IS the main character of their own story; & this is where perception vs reality comes into play.

Reality is harsh. 

Reality is facts. 

Reality is what it is (& it's not always pretty).

For example, the situation I laid out about my husband and I in the last vent - YES, my perception is that what I did isn’t even in the same stratosphere as cheating - but regardless, the reality of what I did is still SUPER sh*tty.

I f*cked up as the main character of my story. 

#muchshame #muchsorry

But I'm willing to experience the discomfort associated with that truth so I don't do it again.

Accepting the truth, no matter how ugly, is the only way to progress. & unfortunately, most of the characters written about here have a very strange relationship with the truth. 

These vents could be written subjectively - scenarios laid out dry, black and white, start to finish (without GIFs, but like, where’s the fun in that?) - & these characters would still be villains. 


So why do these vents illicit SUCH venom when each main character has power over their actions - over their stories?  Because the characters who find themselves in a denv.her. vent sesh perceive themselves as something they are not. & they are incapable of seeing themselves as “bad guys”. 

But who is denv.her. to play the morality police? Who gave me that authority to call these characters out? No one. & that reality also makes me a bad guy.  


You guys remember Faye? Let's chat about her real quick.

So after I pulled Betrayal Part II because a friend asked me to, Faye was then told (by that same that I had written about her. Faye then proceeds to go around this event telling anyone within earshot of my husband or I:




Sweetie lol.

& let's take a look at the facts.

Your perception is that I'm obsessed with you. 

Your perception is that you are the victim. 

Yet all I did was interrupt your story line with reality. 

You talked bad about me for weeks prior to the vent hitting over a situation we had supposedly squashed - you had “accepted” my apology - yet behind my back, you continued to rampantly talk trash. & you've done the same to a slew of others who sing the EXACT same chorus of you being #fayke.


So “take this moment to look inside yourself and see - that if everyone around you says you're dead

- it's time to lie down.”


Faye, I said it before and I'll say it again.

You are fake.

& if you are able to scrounge up an ounce of self awareness, maybe you can turn that reality around.

We’re all the main characters of our own stories; but the ones who can get past their perceptions and correctly perceive situations around them, will ALWAYS leave the pretenders behind.

Till Next Time.