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Nom Nom Nom. Welcome to the #hangrylife of denv.her.

But seriously, feed me and tell me I'm pretty. #kthanks

Beautiful readers, we want to share with you, how we simplify our everyday eating lives on a typical Friday. How do we simplify? With UberEATS of course!

Bright and early, we wake up for our 6:15am Orange Theory workout (jk lol. I’m sleeping like a normal person. BUT Treslyn goes to this god awful early class). After Treslyn pushes herself to get the best workout possible, she then heads to work (starving). Once I roll out of bed and get to work (starving), Treslyn and I both do the same thing once we settle in at our desks. We open up the UberEATS app and order an Energy Elevator smoothie and Rio Acai cup from Grabbagreen. Treslyn needs fuel from working out and I need fuel to wake up! Our smoothies and Acai cups arrive within 30 minutes of ordering and after our #bombbreakfast, we are ready to take on the day. Thanks Grabbagreen & UberEATS! You the real morning MVPs.

grabbagreen 2.JPG

As we are cruising through Friday, we realize we have staff meetings during lunch and not only ourselves, but our colleagues will be needing food. When our bosses inquire if we can coordinate getting food for everyone, all we need to say is, “It’s handled”, in true Olivia Pope fashion.

We got this one boss (aka UberEATS does)! We open UberEATS on our laptops and get to ordering. At my office, I talk with a few co-workers and we vote to have Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria delivered. We send around the menu and the whole team is delighted that they are able to order exactly what they want on UberEATS versus the typical 2 types of pizza for a work lunch fiasco. My favorite thing to get from Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria is the Cuban Sandwich and the Ensalada Cubana. Hell, throw in a Tres Leches Cake for something sweet too! Did I just introduce you to your new favorite work lunch solution?

You’re welcome.

cuba 2.JPG
cuba 3.JPG

When we’re finally off of work (Hallelujah, thank you baby Jesus!), it’s time to get together at our girlfriend’s place and get ready for a night out on the town.

Everyone is planning on bringing appetizers to snack on while we get ready…SHOOT!! I didn’t have time during work to run to the store and grab an app! Oh well, I’m not going to sweat this one! Why? UberEATS is going to save me from the embarrassment of showing up empty handed!

While I’m in my Uber on my way to my friend’s apartment, I schedule our favorite sushi rolls to be delivered from Hapa. UberEATS can be used to schedule for future deliveries so I’m able to schedule my sushi delivery for right when my Uber will arrive. Hello convenience! Of course, sushi is a hit with my girls and after we finish our makeup and polish off that last California roll, we are rearing and ready to get to the bars.


After an aggressive night out, the bars shut down and we head back to our friend’s apartment demanding late night snacks. Thank goodness UberEATS delivers DP Dough.

That's right. DP DOUGH. This is not a drill people!

DP Dough’s calzones are life changing. If you have not had one, order one through UberEATS immediately. Your tastebuds will thank you ten times over #drooling. 
DP Dough has been our favorite after drinking treat since college and since UberEATS delivers, we no longer have to wait over an hour for our food to arrive. Our DP Dough arrives within 20 minutes and we are elated to get down on these calzones.


Moral of denv.her's #hangrylife story? UberEats makes life easier, AND much less hangry. 

So have you tried UberEATS yet? Use promo code DENVHER for FREE delivery on your first order! Enjoy the convenience we have discovered with UberEATS!

Happy UberEATing!

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