I Wish You Karma

A weekend back, a huge group of our friends got together and went to the Blink 182 concert at Fiddlers Green. #rockon

It was an absolute blast (because how can singing “What’s My Age Again?” at the top of your lungs not be?) but things definitely took a comical turn when the rejects themselves, Peggy and Gertrude, showed up with their minuscule “friend” group while we were mobbing with 25+. 

If you have ever walked away from past friends and happen to see them out and about, it  makes for an interesting scenario.

But let me give you this piece of information, there’s really no reason to be nervous about seeing these people. Why you ask? If the people you walked away from are truly bad individuals, & you know this to be true without a reasonable doubt, it’s just a matter of time before their lives and “friendships” start imploding (if they weren’t already when you left them in the dust).

When you see these people out, you’re V likely going to get more validation of the imploding than you ever dreamed of. If you’re lucky enough, karma will let you watch.

At Blink 182, karma gave me a front row seat. #thanksbae

Two girls that were with Peggy and Gertrude at the concert are what I like to call “collateral damage”. If you’ve ever had to draw a line in the sand and boot people out of your life, there’s a good chance you lost some people you really didn’t have an issue with along the way. These collateral damage individuals never had direct beef with you, but unfortunately ended up having to choose a side. 

Should you ever have ill feelings towards these collateral damage individuals if they didn’t choose your side? No. If they’ve never done anything directly mean to you, let it be.

In my situation, did the collateral damage gals at the concert choose the wrong side? 100%. Are they realizing this now?

How can I make that statement? Well it’s pretty easy when both of them more or less told me. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, guess what? It’s a f*cking duck.

Let’s call these two collateral damage gals, Jem and Clara.

Jem and Clara followed my friends and I around for different parts of the concert and were more than willing to disclose their v small group’s drama.

Jem saw us at the concert and immediately rushed up to my best friend, Dana and I, to give us hugs. Jem then proceeds to follow us around for the next two hours. I was really confused by this. I haven’t spoken to Jem in months; so why now was she on us like white on rice? I eventually asked why she wasn't hanging out with her “friends”. Her response?

“Those girls aren’t my friends.”

I probed a bit more: “What do you mean they aren’t your friends? What about Peggy? She’s your roommate?”

“Just because she’s my roommate, doesn’t make us friends.”

Ahhhhh Jem, that right there is an enlightening comment. If you want a “friend” that has said horrible things about you, Peggy’s the one; but it would seem you’re wizening up.

About an hour in, Jem had, had too much drink. We sent our guy friend to take her back to her group, specifically Peggy. You know what Peggy said to our guy friend when he let her know Jem was not ok and needed help?


Ohhhhh Peggy. Are you really too busy third wheeling with Gert to help your roommate? You’re a special kind of repugnant person… and an even worse friend.

Jem, I hope you can eventually cuts ties with Peggy as your roommate.

Peggy, some advice for you as well. Stop bleaching and or frying and or whatever you're doing to your hair. Just stop. This is just a gal pal to gal pal opinion #lol #weresotight. Seriously though, I don’t think a muppet meets a mad scientist hairdo has ever been in…like ever.

Unless.... are you prepping for your Halloween costume?!!??? #OMGFUN!!!!!!

In that case, your hair is looking FABULOUS!

#alberteinsteincalled #hewantshislookback

Later on in the night, collateral damage #2, Clara, made her way on over to us. Clara let me know she was shocked I was being nice to her.

People, never be mean to someone unless it’s warranted. I’m honestly proud of Clara for standing up for her “friend” (hi Bertha) even though she deserves so much better. There’s no reason to be mean to someone by association; the association they have to endure is punishment enough.  

Anyways, Clara and Gertrude have a facade of being close friends but Clara and Gert haven’t really been speaking for the past two months. Gert didn’t even know Clara went to try on engagement rings. Does that sound like a close friendship to you?

I'm gonna answer that with a hard N-O.

Gert is too preoccupied with herself and her promiscuous conquests to cultivate her friendships anyways. Her new guy is apparently going around asking “How does Alisha get away with talking so much sh*t?” Well let me riddle ya this good sir, BECAUSE:

It’s kinda hard to debate history and personal opinion. Especially when multiple people have witnessed what I’ve written about. Here’s to hoping you don’t catch something from dirty Gerty! #maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavor

At the end of the night, we surprisingly ended up at Clara’s house. How did this happen? Because it’s almost guaranteed that collateral damage individuals will miss you.

Clara let me know she missed me multiple times throughout the night and it made me sad; but not sad for myself, sad for Clara. Sad that there’s been time and time again where she wanted to reach out and talk to me about the exciting things going on in her life and can’t. I feel for her. & I wish the friends she chose could support her in her life's excitement like I would. Maybe this post will be the wake up call they need.  

Even though all this made me sad for Clara, her and I’s relationship will never be the same. It can never go back to what it was. Why? In my opinion, anyone who can make the decision to surround themselves with awful friends and then talk about those awful friends so openly with someone they decided not to be friends with because of those awful friends (lol what just happened) isn’t someone I trust. Regardless, I still wish Clara the best and if push came to shove, I would be there if she needed me.


So if you’ve ever walked away from bad people, know their other relationships are imploding just as you suspected. Also know those collateral damage individuals will eat crow when they realize they chose the wrong side. Karma is a boss ass bitch and she delivers every time #likeAmazonPrime #butbetter!

So Let Karma do her thing. Sit back & relax!

Are you enjoying the show, Peggy and Gertrude? YOU KNOW I AM. #passthepopcorn

“I wish you karma” – Minh Tan