Bad Blood, Part III

Bad Blood, Part III here! You ready?

3) There were several contributing factors that fueled tension in Peggy and I’s relationship

Here are the four that in my opinion, are most prominent.

A) Vail, Colorado

We went up to Vail to celebrate my friend's birthday last fall and for some reason, Peggy was exceptionally unbearable this trip. The entire time, she was either barking at someone to drive, complaining about being late, or demanding that we leave the bars.

Vail is where our opinion of Peggy started shifting.

B) The election.

Peggy WIGGED out during the 2016 election, threw a tantrum, and left our group text.

It means Peggy was being ridiculous; & when she left the group text, most of us voiced that.

Peggy talked to me about this later and hinted she was pissed I didn’t stand up for her when she left; but in my mind, her leaving the group text was hard to defend. She was over-dramatizing (per usual). I wasn’t going to validate her being an irrational baby (that’s what mommy is for).

Never entertain a friendship where one of the individuals blurs the lines of the relationship and their differing political opinion. If they can’t keep politics and a friendship separate, guaranteed there will be other problems down the line.

C) The Pictures

Now, I don’t believe “the pictures” I’m going to tell you about actually fueled tension in Peggy and I’s relationship, but she claimed they were.

Long story short, a girl I call Bertha, sent pictures of herself to our group text that were…not the most flattering. Bertha claims to have a gluten allergy and sent pics of a severe outbreak she had on her face. One of our friends is dating a guy going through medical school and he advised us to not drink after Bertha. Why? He said in his opinion, that what he was seeing was not a gluten allergy…

These pictures made their rounds and oddly enough, Peggy requested that I send these pictures of Bertha to a guy she liked. Why? This guy had commented on one of Bertha’s Instagram pictures and Peggy didn’t like that. Overreaction much? Totally, but I sent the pictures anyways.

I have no loyalty to Bertha. I didn’t care who saw these pictures. I still don’t care who sees these pictures. If it’s actually a gluten allergy, who cares? But Pegs, don’t go around claiming I’m "evil" for sending these pics when you asked me to do it.

Rule of thumb? Never send gross pictures of yourself in group chat. #notevenonce

D) The guy.

Peggy’s date to my wedding tried to pursue another one of my bridesmaids. Not the classiest move to pull by any means lol, but I don’t blame the guy. The bridesmaid he went after is gorgeous, & Peggy…is well, Peggy.

My bridesmaid ended up telling me about this while we were out and about one weekend & you know what happens at the bars, #lightsout. So, what did I tell her when she disclosed this information to me? I told her not to say anything because it would hurt Peggy’s feelings.

As everything gets out in girl world, Peggy found out I had said mums the word on this situation and she was FURIOUS.

I think she was mad for two reasons:

1) this guy wanted my other bridesmaid over her (well duh)

2) I had instructed my bridesmaid to keep Peggy in the dark.

Once everything came to light and the situation was re-explained #vodkaprobs , I apologized to Peggy and let her know I didn’t remember.

Is me not remembering an excuse? Absolutely not. But how am I supposed to inform a friend of something I can’t remember? What was Peggy’s response to me?

“I don’t believe you.”

Peggy, you black out every other night and have one night stands that you “don’t remember” but you actually think I don’t remember SAYING something? K lol, you’re delusional. It’s not my fault your wedding date doesn’t want you, #personalproblem.

People, in my opinion, this is deflection in its purest form. Peggy was angry at this guy so took it out on me. Don’t ever fall victim to something like this and make sure you don’t do this to your friends. If a friend drunkenly & unknowingly keeps something from you and you find out, place fault where it’s due.

That would be your choice in a wedding date.


So there ya have it folks; that’s the bad blood between Pegs and I.

Moral here?

“Beware the manipulators claiming they love you. Satan was an angel once. And hell can look an awful lot like paradise.” – Erin Van Vuren