Dream A Little Dream

Holy moly! Hi denv.her. babes!

I am SO sorry about the delay of this vent sesh! July has been SUPER busy but do not stress! I have plenty more dirt to come.

In the meantime, while those other juicy vents are in the works, let’s delve into a more casual topic shall we?

Do you ever wake up after having a super vivid dream and feel weird?

Those really vivid dreams generally leave me feeling anxious about whatever I dreamt about the rest of the morning.

Maybe that vivid dream is about a specific person. Maybe it’s about a specific event. Regardless what the dream is about, it puts you in a funk. We’ve all probably experienced this at some point or another and it kinda sucks. Like we’re trying to sleep here! Can’t we at least get some peace and quiet from our subconscious?

One reoccurring vivid dream that I have is that I’m back in high school and I can’t find my locker (total noob move). The bell has rung and I need to get to class but since I can’t find my locker to get my books, I’m aimlessly wandering by myself in the school halls #helpmeimlost.

After walking around for god knows how long in dream high school (which is super boring btw), I’m elated when I FINALLY find my stupid locker.

Woohoo! Yay dream me! Time to get my books and get to class!


Put that excitement on hold. I have found my locker, BUT NOW, I can’t remember my locker combination (apparently I’m totally incompetent in dream world).

Does anyone else ever have this dream? It seriously sucks… especially since I graduated from high school, like 8 years ago…OMG. 8 YEARS AGO. That gives me the worst anxiety. #helpmeimold.

According to Dream Moods (an actual website that gives you explanations of your dreams because people like me must know), “To dream that you forgot your combination indicates that you are reluctant in fully expressing yourself. Something is holding you back. Alternatively, the dream may also parallel a date or appointment that you have forgotten.” 

Now I certainly don’t think expressing myself is the issue… like, that’s the farthest thing from an issue I have lol. Have you read some of my past vent sessions? BUT, forgetting dates and appointments outside of work? That’s on par with my everyday life. When your work calendar is packed day-in & day-out with conference calls and meetings, pretty much ALL errands I need to take care of outside of my job get pushed to the back burner.

Oil changes? Grocery shopping?

“To dream that you cannot open a locker or that your forgot the combination suggests that you are unsure of where you stand in a particular situation."

So am I unsure of where I stand in a particular situation? In a sense. Which situation am I unsure of? Life.

Life in general is always uncertain. You never have concrete knowledge of what’s going to happen or where you’re going to be tomorrow. & it gives me anxiety to think about that. Like, have you ever really sat down and thought about everything you want in your life and HOW you’re going to get there? The HOW part is enough to push me over the edge.

#Panicattack. So much to do, so little time!

Dream Moods also says that when you dream can’t open your locker, it could mean, that you feel you have lost some aspect of yourself in real life. Even though I believe I have a firm grasp on who I am, can we ever truly say we know all aspects of ourselves? Aren’t we all emotionally evolving and gaining new insights of ourselves each and every day?

On the flip side, are we supposed to look at losing an aspect of ourselves as the equivalent of losing people in our lives? I have walked away from several individuals over the past year. Is that a part of myself that I have lost? Is my subconscious translating the people no longer in my life as forgotten locker combinations?

Something to think about.

The second dream I have on a reoccurring basis is that I’m in college, it’s finals, and I haven’t been to class in like, ever (sorry dream Mom and Dad).

Funny thing about researching this dream, it’s one of the most common dreams had in the US. This is attributed  to the intense amount of pressure placed on final exams in college.

So why is this dream so prevalent when most of us have been out of school for years? Supposedly, this dream is linked to “achievement stress”. Your brain is associating a current stressful situation you’re in, to a past memory where you were also very stressed (aka finals). So if you have a big presentation coming up at work and have the finals dream, your brain is correlating your presentation with how you felt during final exams. Basically, you’re stressed TFO & probs need a drink. 

I had the finals dream last night. I went to bed stressed about getting this vent sesh up. Hey irony! I like to wave at you while you pass by.

Other common dreams amongst us all? Dun, dun, dun, the ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend NIGHTMARE.

JK. Those dreams aren’t always bad; but regardless if it’s a good or bad dream about an ex, they’re never really fun to have. They’re an ex for a reason. Am I right?

I always wondered if dreams about exes would subside once you found your person in life and got married. Interestingly enough, they don’t.

Sorry to burst your bubble lol; but they do come less frequently as time goes on!

We’ve all had dreams about exes before; & whenever this happens to me, I generally wake up wanting to text the person I dreamt about. Why? Some of the dreams feel real. Whether it’s a good dream, bad dream, or downright weird dream, waking up wanting to reach out to the person you dreamt about is normal if it’s vivid enough. BUT. Just because you want to reach out to someone, doesn’t mean you should.

Take for example the dream I had about an ex a couple weeks ago. It would be kinda weird for me to reach out and say, “Hey! I had a dream about you last night! We were flying around on horses so zombies wouldn’t eat us! How have you been?”

Ya, I’m going to refrain from sending that one out.

My advice to you if you have a dream about an ex and wake up wanting to text them?

But seriously lol, don’t.  

My rule of thumb is to wait a full day after a dream prior to texting someone about it. You’ll feel differently about the dream/person at 7pm, than you did at 7am. Trust me. & at 7pm, you will generally feel REALLY relieved you refrained from trying to communicate with that person.

The dream I had about my ex and I got me thinking. Why am I dreaming about someone I don’t see, talk to, or think about when I am awake? That doesn’t make any sense. There may be an occasional Facebook or Instagram post you see from an ex; but would that be enough to trigger an entire dream about someone no longer even remotely engaged in your life?

My curiosity was peaked here so I did some research (aka, hi Google and more Dream Moods, I live here now).

Similar to the finals dream being associated with real life achievement stress, dreams you have about your ex are also linked to how you feel in real life. However, emotional links to an ex are much more complex than emotional links to final exams; especially if it was a long term relationship.

Did you by chance have a dream about your ex after you got really angry at work one day?

Were you by chance angry a lot when dealing with your ex?

Ding, ding, ding! Correlation. Your subconscious is associating how you felt at work, with how you felt with your ex in the past.

If you’re catching on, that’s not the best revelation. Why? Because if your relationship with an ex was an emotional roller coaster, your ex will most likely be popping into your dreams pretty frequently, #rude.

Whether you are happy, sad, mad, fearful, envious, anxious, or hangry, if you experienced a strong emotion with an ex & experience that same emotion after the break up, you are likely going to see your ex in your dreams.

So what are you dreaming about denv.her. babes? We want to know! Google it or head to Dream Moods to find out and share below in the comments! Let us know if you think the interpretations you find are accurate, or total BS.

Looking forward to your comments and until then, sweet dreams! xoxo