Bad Blood, Part II

I’m baacccck! & ripe with more opinions per usual lol.

Let’s jump right in shall we?

1) Peggy sucks (continued…because oh yes, there’s more lol)

Before I got married, Peggy was telling everyone that she couldn’t wait for my wedding to be over. Little did everyone know, that Peggy was also texting my mom and sister every week asking if there was anything, “anything at all”, she could do to help with the wedding arrangements.

So let me get this straight Pegs. You want my wedding to be over but you want to help out in any way possible as well?? Hmmm, I think, I JUST THINK, those two things contradict one another…no? Whatever sad excuse you have for this, it certainly doesn’t matter anymore; no wedding pictures of you and I, or you with anyone else for that matter lol, exist. Ta ta to the recycle bin troublemaker. #deleted

If you ever hear someone’s bridesmaid complaining about wanting a wedding to be over, go and tell the bride. I would have booted this girl out of my life SO much sooner if I knew half of the f*cked up things she was saying. & I should have known better from all the f*cked up things she was saying about everyone else.

Peggy was also going around telling people she USED to think my husband was hot, but that he wasn’t anymore. 

Let’s get one thing straight Peggy; come after my man, my opinions are coming for you. Everyone knows my hubby is SMOKIN’. But regardless of how attractive or unattractive you think my husband is, aesthetically speaking,  Peggy you’re certainly not fit to throw stones. I know you own a mirror, take a look. We all know what we see, what do you? #maybeproactivcanhelp #butprobsnot

Peggy goes around saying she loves her “best friend” but “poor thing she just isn’t that cute”. Can you really consider anyone your best friend if you go around bashing them like this? Also, sorry to break it to you Peggy, we all think your best friend is cuter than you and she also has a boyfriend who loves her. Best Friend - 1. Peggy - 0.

The last time I spoke to Peggy, she texted me saying that, THAT WEEK, she had messaged a girl that I no longer associated with (hi Bertha). She told me her THERAPIST had instructed her to do this. Why was Peggy telling me this? She wanted to be transparent so it wouldn’t affect our friendship…LOL. What planet are you on Peggy?

A) Peggy, you’re a liar. Peggy had actually reached out to Bertha WEEKS prior and was already planning to go to Bertha's birthday party when she talked to me. How did I know this? Peggy was stupid enough to tell MY friends about all of this the weekend prior. Rule of thumb Peggy, don’t bullshit a bullshitter; especially when my friends like me a HELL of a lot more than they like you.

B) I’m sure your therapist tells you a lot of things Peggy (like….. A LOT lol. I can’t even begin to imagine what goes down in those sessions), but I’m sure lying to me, a “best friend”, and befriending a girl you pushed me to kick out of my wedding was not one of them.

Try again sweetheart. Try again.

When I was texting Peggy about befriending Bertha, you better believe screenshots of this convo were flying EVERYWHERE lol. Funny thing about Peggy’s screenshots, she was deleting parts of the conversation prior to sending them.

People, if you find out someone is editing their conversations PRIOR to screenshotting them, they are hiding something from you to portray themselves in a different light…& the only light Peggy looks good in is a very dark, dark room lol.

The text conversation about Bertha was the last time I ever spoke to Peggy. My final words to her?

“If that's what you need to do to heal.”

Because honestly, what else do you say to someone who is claiming their therapist is instructing them to be a two-faced lunatic?

So all in all, considering Peggy really misses our friendship, it doesn't seem like that healing is going very well.

2) Does Peggy meet the diagnostic criteria of a Histrionic?

After analyzing Peggy’s past behavior, a Histrionic comes to mind. What’s a Histrionic?

Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD) as defined by Psych Central “is characterized by a long-standing pattern of attention seeking behavior and extreme emotionality … While often lively, interesting and sometimes dramatic, they have difficulty when people aren’t focused exclusively on them. People with this disorder may be perceived as being shallow, and may engage in sexually seductive or provocative behavior to draw attention to themselves."

According to Psychology Today: “Those with HPD often lie as a way to enhance and/or facilitate their dramatic and attention-seeking behavior."

Does Peggy meet this criteria? I’ll leave this one up to you.

But i'mma leave my opinion here lol:

To Be Continued